When Stupid People Won’t Shut Up

Poor NASA whipping boy George Deutsch. He’s the only one at that agency who would stand up for truth!

In the interview, Mr. Deutsch said that Dr. Hansen had partisan ties “all the way up to the top of the Democratic Party,” and that he was “using those ties and using his media connections to push an agenda, a worst-case-scenario agenda of global warming.” He said that anyone who disagrees with Dr. Hansen “is labeled a censor and is demonized and vilified in the media — and the media of course is a willing accomplice here.”

Good lord. The boy couldn’t be more from Bush White House Central Casting if he tried. Here’s another quote I love:

“When at NASA, I was asked to let my managers speak on behalf of the issues,” he said. “Now that I am no longer bound by that, I would really like to clear the air and defend my integrity and my good name.”

This would be the same integrity that led him to pad his resume with a degree he didn’t have, one assumes.

You know, look. George Deutsch’s problem isn’t that he’s a conservative, since despite the impression the current White House gives there are lots of conservatives who are good with science, and a liberal jackass pulling the same type of stunts Deutsch has been pulling would be no better than he. George Deutsch’s problem is that he’s a big friggin’ tool, the sort of ideological twit who can’t help but put a political spin on everything, up to and including taking a dump. Seriously, give his type four beers and then ask them if there’s a difference between how liberals and conservatives pinch a loaf. You’ll hear theories.

The worst part about this is that Deutsch clearly hasn’t learned a damned thing — it’s clear that somehow he’s the wronged party in this. Self-righteousness and a complete lack of introspection: no wonder this administration saw fit to appoint him to something. No doubt he’ll be running for the state legislature down there in Texas sooner than later. Y’all have fun with him. Try to keep him there, if you please.


The Power of Petey Compels You!

Aaaaiiee! It’s Petey, the wrathful seven-foot cockatoo! Bow down before his mighty beak!

(This picture makes a lot more sense if you read the comment thread here.)

Naturally, the music to go along with this picture would have to be from Hatebeak, the only death metal group in history fronted by a parrot. Enjoy the dulcet tones of “God of the Empty Nest” while you cower before Petey!

Naturally, I encourage you to testify about your own encounters with Petey, Unholy Cockatoo of Retribution! Because don’t we all have a Petey story? Sure we do. For example, I met Petey on under the piers of San Pedro! His horrible unblinking gaze cured me of smack and male prostitution! Well, mostly. Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the only one here who can speak of an encounter with Petey the Great and Terrible.

(Thanks to Gabe for the original “artwork”)

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