Scalzi Sells Out to Sprint and the Chinese, and Other Tales


Behold my new toy, which is a cell phone that I received for free, along with six months service with all the bells and whistles, for no better reason than apparently someone at Sprint wandered by the Whatever and decided I was cool enough to give a free phone to. Now, the actual reason is that this site gets tons of visits per day and the Sprint folks are hoping that my excited babbling about their Sprint Power Vision service will convince the mass of you to stampede to the store to pick up your very own MM-A920 by Samsung, with built-in 1.3 megapixel camera and mp3 player and blue-green high-energy laser. So you can melt the heads of your enemies, take a photo of the carnage and then play Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” or some such thing. So there you have it. Submit to your viral marketers! And eat Butterfingers!

In reality, of course, I expect you not to do any of the above (particularly that laser bit), but it’s an interesting marketing concept, and I don’t mind getting a free phone to play with for six months (after which the service is switched off and I turn back into a pumpkin). As most of you know I don’t (or didn’t) own a cell phone because for the life of me I couldn’t see why I needed one. But, hey, if it’s free, I’ll give it a try, and I’ll be happy to fiddle with the camera/mp3 player/laser/whatever and see how it all works for me. If I genuinely am blown away by it, I’ll let you know.

Also, if you’re in a technology company and you have a new gizmo you want to send me, for free, you’re certainly welcome to do so. Baby loves toys, and I have no shame.

Other news: Sold the Chinese rights to Old Man’s War (mainland, not Taiwan). Between this and the Russian rights, I’m now represented on a good two-thirds of the continent of Asia. I can’t wait to see what the book looks like in Chinese, although, just like the Cyrillic, I haven’t a chance in Hell of actually understanding it. They could send me the Bejing phone book with some SF artwork slapped on the cover, tell me it was my book, and I’d just grin stupidly and be happy. Sometimes being monolingual blows.

Also, I have my first e-mail report of a Ghost Brigades landing, at Diane’s Books in Greenwich, Connecticut. We’re just a week away from the official release anyway so it should start appearing on shelves most places. If any of you want to send along a picture when you see it, you’d make me a happy boy.

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