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I’m trying to jam through stuff so I can get out of here to have Valentine’s Day lunch with my wife, so rather than stretching out a bunch of new reviews across several ego-gratifying entries, I’m just going to pile them into one entry.

First, a nice review of The Ghost Brigades in Library Journal, which gives the book a “highly Recommended” rating: “The sequel to Old Man’s War combines taut military action with keen insights into the moral issues revolving around developing technologies. Scalzi has a finely tuned sense of balance between personal drama and the ‘big picture’…” You can see the whole review on the page for TGB.

Second, Old Man’s War is getting a second wave of reviews thanks to its trade paperback release, and these have also generally been positive. This review at Book Fetish gives it fives stars (“hardcore, unapologetic Heinlein-esque military Sci-Fi”), and this review at Literal Barrage is also nice (“I’m pleased to report that I enjoyed this book greatly”). And over at Byzantium’s Shores, Jaquandor meditates on the difference between “neat Mil-SF” and “war-porn,” and among other things concludes OMW is not war-porn, which I appreciate. I also think some of his specific questions will be addressed in The Ghost Brigades, and probably also in The Last Colony, whenever it is I start writing that, which should be soon. He’s also ticked I got a free cell phone and is threatening to hit the library for my future release. Well, you know. I can live with that.

Now I’m off to shower and get ready for lunch with my lady. See y’all later, and happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Locus’s Gary K. Wolfe mentions you .. or anyways, starts his latest review column with:

    “Just a glance at the first novels section of our 2005 Recommended Reading list in this issue reveals how many of these novels come with sequels already announced, if not already written – Hal Duncan’s Vellum, Richard Scalzi’s Old Man’s War, Sarah Monette’s Melusine ….”

    all press is … something, anyway.

  2. If I were you I’d just get some t-shirts printed up with the phrase ‘Lucky Bastard’ on them. If you’d like I will design you some and set up a Cafe Press store. Alternately we could sell some that say ‘John Scalzi is a Lucky Bastard’ for the rest of us to wear.

  3. “Richard Scalzi”? I get “Joe Scalzi” from time to time, but “Richard Scalzi” is a new one on me. I mean, that’s not even in the ball park.

  4. “gives it fives stars (“hardcore, unapologetic Heinlein-esque military Sci-Fi”)”

    Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades. By John (or Joe or Richard) Scalzi. Noted.

    I got linked to here from WWDN:In Exile – it seems I owe Wil a thank you for pointing me, once again, in the direction of a great blog. I also owe him for adding to my must read stack of books, which already is taller than it ought to be.

    Good luck on your new book launch John (or Joe or Richard).

  5. Hey John:
    You may have already addressed this, but have you concidered, or been approached regarding the possibility of turning OMW into a movie? I think it could easily be turned into a big, glitzy, CGI laden, summer popcorn movie? And please note that I mean that as a compliment.

  6. Mark, we’re shopping it but of course one never knows with Hollywood. I’m not holding my breath, however.

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