Your Hugo/Campbell Recommendations

I’ve got a magazine story to finish today so I can’t hang around here, but in my absence I thought I’d give you all something to do, particularly those of you who are (or wish to be) science fiction geeks. My request:

Give your recommendations for the Hugo and Campbell Awards for 2005.

For those of you catching up: Hugos are awarded at every Worldcon for the best science fiction and fantasy novels, short works, dramatic presentations and SF-related books (here are the categories). The Campbell is an award for best new writers. The Hugos are voted on by the attendees of the Worldcon, which this year takes place in LA (well, Anaheim, really).

Why do I ask for your recommendations? Well, first, I’m curious as to what you folks think was the best SF/F in 2005. Second, it’s nice to have another “Hugo rec” resource for people who are nominating this year. Third, the Whatever gets visited by lots of people who don’t read a lot of SF/F, so getting recommendations from those of you who do might give them a place to start reading. Fourth, I want to know if I’m missing something this year before I mail in my own nominations, and asking all y’all seems a good way to check.

One caveat: Exclude the host (that’s me) in your recommendations here. Yes, I’m eligible for awards this year, but it seems unlikely Whatever readers are not already aware of my work since I blather on about it interminably. Let’s put the spotlight elsewhere for the moment. Now, if you are eligible this year (and you really think your work is worth a nomination), I heartily encourage you to make note of your own work. Don’t be shy — ego is not a problem here. But I hope you’ll give due recognition to the other writers you think deserve on of those rocketship awards.

So: What and who do you recommend for the Hugos and the Campbell this year?

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