Quick Review Linkage Plus Web Designer Recommendations Needed

I wrote up a longer piece but then the power went out briefly and now I simply don’t have the patience to redo the whole damn thing. So, instead, some quick review links:

* A very nice review of Old Man’s War in the San Diego Union: “John Scalzi writes well, and very well, and very well again.” Shucks.

* A similarly very nice review of The Ghost Brigades at Book Fetish: “I called the first book in this series unapologetic and hardcore. If only I had known.” Well, see. Everybody loves surprises.

* I’ve been informed by uber-publicist Dot Lin that the Ghost Brigades review I noted the other day  from Library Journal was actually a starred review. And that’s good — Hopefully now every library in America will buy the book (except my local library, to whom I gave a copy, as is my custom). In any event, this makes me happy; the “Old Man” series is now 2-for-2 in the starred review category, which is a nice distinction for a series to have. I suppose this puts some pressure on The Last Colony to not totally suck. But I’ll worry about that later.

Okay, seriously now, I have a request for you all: I have a friend of mine who is planning to do a rather extensive re-org of his Web site, which will incorporate a new design for the main site and possibly a more attractive front end for the store he’s got the site as well. What he needs and I’m asking for here are recommendations for a good Web designer — someone who can handle both esthetics and the need for a commercial back-end.

If you know of Web designers who are capable of this (or alternately, you are a Web designer capable of this), please let me know, either in the comment thread or through e-mail. Right now this is an exploratory thing, so we won’t get into costs, etc. I’m just looking for good names. If you can provide examples of the designer’s work as well, that would be super-groovy. I thank you in advance.


Conversations With My Daughter, Thursday Edition.

From this morning, as I was driving her to school.

Me: So you know I’ll be gone this weekend, right?

Athena: Yes. Where will you be going?

Me: Boston.

Athena: Where’s that?

Me: It’s in Massachusetts.

Athena: Masschusetts! Are you going to divorce mommy and marry a boy?

Me: What? No.

Athena: Why not?

Me: Well, for one, I don’t want to divorce your mother. For two, I don’t really want to marry a boy. I don’t like boys that way.

Athena: You don’t?

Me: Really, no.

Athena: But then you would have something special.

Me: I already have something special with your mother.

Athena: Well, okay.

Bear in mind I’m pretty sure that Athena wasn’t really expecting me to divorce Krissy and marry a boy. But I do find it interesting that same-sex marriage was the thing that popped into her mind when I said “Massachusetts.” Yes, I did tell her about it once (once! I think more than a year ago, in the larger context of talking about marriage in general), but I’m sure I’ve told her other things about the Massachusetts as well. It’s funny what sticks in kids’ heads.

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