Daily Archives: February 16, 2006

Quick Review Linkage Plus Web Designer Recommendations Needed

I wrote up a longer piece but then the power went out briefly and now I simply don’t have the patience to redo the whole damn thing. So, instead, some quick review links: * A very nice review of Old Man’s War in the San Diego Union: “John Scalzi writes well, and very well, and […]

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Conversations With My Daughter, Thursday Edition.

From this morning, as I was driving her to school. Me: So you know I’ll be gone this weekend, right? Athena: Yes. Where will you be going? Me: Boston. Athena: Where’s that? Me: It’s in Massachusetts. Athena: Masschusetts! Are you going to divorce mommy and marry a boy? Me: What? No. Athena: Why not? Me: […]

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