I had a fine time at Boskone, although in retrospect I think I may have overscheduled myself just a bit: Five panels, one reading, one autographing session and one kaffeklatsch (the attendees of which — Christopher Davis and Lanna Lee Maheux-Quinn — you can see above, minus Charlie Stross, who swung by the table to park his dogs and was immediately sucked into the klatschery). By the end of the convention I was pretty damn tired — although since I am currently nursing a sore throat and a general feel of blah, it’s entirely possible I was simply in the early stages of feeling crappy anyway. I certainly don’t blame Boskone or my gracious hosts for this, since in my opinion the folks running Boskone seemed to go out of their way to let me know they were happy to have me there. I’m sure they do this to all their authors and guests, but it was a nice feeling anyway.

I was going to do a namedrop paragraph of all the people I saw at Boskone, but that’s sort of lame, so instead here’s a quick overview of some personal highlights of the weekend, with the relevant folks, more or less in chronological order:

* A Friday afternoon traffic-blocking chat in the dealers room with Cory Doctorow, Elizabeth Bear, Allen Steele, Sarah Monette, Celia Marsh, Hannah Wolf Bowen, Jennifer Jackson and a few other people who I know through LiveJournal but whose names escape me now (feel free to say “hey, I was there, too!” in the comment thread);

* An excellent panel on bandwidth management with John McDaid, Naomi Novik, Sheila M. Perry and Shara Zoll

* Finally meeting Ken MacLeod at the Tor party, and then being able to sit in with him on a couple of panels (also with us on those panels: John M. Ford, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Karl Schroeder, Daniel Hatch and Mark Olson);

* A very good panel on online communities with Toby Buckell, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, James Macdonald and Lenny Bailes;

* Meeting my friend Judy Hartling in person for the first time after knowing her for a decade online (she was as awesome as anticipated);

* Hanging in the Sheraton Boston bar and accreting a fun group of conversationalists who included Cory, Shara, Charlie Stross, Chad Orzel, Liz Gorinsky, Allen Steele, Toby, Karl Schroeder, James Cambias, Chad Orzel and Kate Nepveu and several others equally amusing but whose names are out of my brain at the moment (again, please feel free to self identify if you were there);

* Sunday breakfast with Liz and Chad;

* An autograph session sitting next to George RR Martin, who was fun to chat with during down times (of which, you may assume, I had more than he).

I was also pleased that The Ghost Brigades was available in the huckster’s room through the good graces of Larry Smith, bookseller, who appeared to go out of his way to pitch the book to passersby, particularly when my publisher was standing there. Handselling like that is a wonderful thing indeed. I also met Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld Books and signed his stock of Old Man’s War trade paperbacks, so if you’re looking for a way to get a signed copy of that from me, now you know where to go.

The only significant issue with the weekend had nothing to do with Boskone, which was the whole incident with the airline I was flying home on refusing to believe that I was actually a passenger. It did get resolved an hour and a half and nearly $200 later, but the silver lining on that was that the new itinerary I had got me home a half-hour earlier and that Toby Buckell was on my flight, so we sat next to each other and talked shop.

In all: a really excellent con — I felt like they were happy to have me there, and I was myself quite happy to be there. I intend to return. For the moment, however, it’s good to be home.

Speaking of which, Krissy just walked through the door. You’ll excuse me.


Back From Boston, Briefly; Also, New Interview

I’m back from Boskone, and I had a truly excellent time, except for the last part, in which my airline did not have my reservation anywhere in its system and I had to run around Boston Logan trying to fix it. Lots of exercise and I did get home, but on the other hand I would have avoided all that if I could. I’ll write about it more later, but at the moment I have to play catchup on various things, so it’ll have to wait until later in the day.

In the meantime, please to enjoy this interview of me at Science Fiction Weekly, talking about books, blogs and writing in a general sense. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll think. Or perhaps none of the above. I’m not you, you know. You do what you want.

Anyway: Good to be home.

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