Back From Boston, Briefly; Also, New Interview

I’m back from Boskone, and I had a truly excellent time, except for the last part, in which my airline did not have my reservation anywhere in its system and I had to run around Boston Logan trying to fix it. Lots of exercise and I did get home, but on the other hand I would have avoided all that if I could. I’ll write about it more later, but at the moment I have to play catchup on various things, so it’ll have to wait until later in the day.

In the meantime, please to enjoy this interview of me at Science Fiction Weekly, talking about books, blogs and writing in a general sense. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll think. Or perhaps none of the above. I’m not you, you know. You do what you want.

Anyway: Good to be home.

5 Comments on “Back From Boston, Briefly; Also, New Interview”

  1. John, did you enjoy the nice, windy weather in Boston? We were visting my parter’s kids at MIT this weekend. Walking around campus was often an artic trek.

    I wish I had had time to attend Boskone, but our schedule was full. I did purchase Old Man’s War at the MIT bookstores. MIT has a Sci-Fi Society with two rooms filled with over 50,000 sci-fi books, rather amazing.

    Sorry your flight did not go well,
    luckily our flight did.

  2. I once had a layover in Atlanta and arrived at my gate ten minutes before my flight only to be told my next flight was changed and that I should go to another gate on the other side of the airport. My wife and I were literally the last people to get on the plane.

    Although that still doesn’t beat my story of flying in a Piper through a thunderstorm…

  3. But I want to know if you accidentally married any special boys while you were there. I know you told Athena you wouldn’t, but c’mon, John, Massachussetts! Surely just breathing the air there converted you!

  4. Brandon — My favorite Seinfeld moment of all time. (With the possible exception of his response to the telemarketer calling him at home).

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