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Stephen Green of VodkaPundit has done a musical meme based on one I suggested a while back. Mine was telling what ten randomly selected songs your iPod or iTunes pulled up; his is showing off the top ten most-played tracks from your iPod/iTunes. Stephen Bainbridge has followed suit, and I suppose as I am the distant progenitor of this new meme, I should as well. So below you’ll find my personal iTunes Top Ten, annotated for your pleasure. The only kink I’ve thrown in (because I tend to listen to full albums rather than just single tracks) is that each artist appears only once; if there’s a tie between a previously-noted artist and a new artist, I’ll note the new artist.

1. “Run Baby Run” by Garbage — A classic Garbage tune, with an extra special New Order-like bass line. I’m a sucker for New Order-like bass lines.

2. “This is Halloween” by Danny Elfman — from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. This is here because Athena recently went through a period where she wanted to hear it a couple of times a day, and I didn’t mind.

3. “Whatsername (Susanna Hoffs)” by Dean Gray — this is an unauthorized mash-up between Green Day’s “Whatsername” and the Bangles’ “Manic Monday,” and it’s absolutely brilliant because the songs quite accidentally “talk” to each other, with the Bangles’ tune detailing the life of the woman whom the Green Day song wonders about. I own both the original tunes, so I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty in having downloaded this one.

4. “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers — The whole album Hot Fuss has been on a constant play here at the Scalzi household recently, but this track has been played slightly more than others, which surprises me, since I like “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” and “All These Things That I’ve Done” more. However, this merely shows how the “iTunes Top Ten” methodology breaks down, because as much as I play songs through iTunes, I also play them through Rhapsody, which as far as I know doesn’t count how many times you play a particular song. So this list is just my iTunes Top Ten, not my overall Top Ten (although, to be fair, ultimately I suspect this list is not far off in representing my current tastes).

5. “The District Sleeps Alone” by The Postal Service
— Almost unbearably wistful. I like The Postal Service rather better than I like Death Cab for Cutie (whose lead singer TPS borrowed), and the whole Give Up album is pretty great all around.

6. “Valley Winter Song” by Fountains of Wayne — Another wistful one. I was late coming to the Fountains of Wayne but have been making up for lost time.

7. “Beverly Hills” by Weezer — another Athena-influenced presence. She’s seen this song on one of the ads for the odious “Kidz Bop” collections and started singing it, and I declared that if she was going to do that, then by God she should listen to the actual track. So I listened to it a whole lot over a two-week period.

8. “Too Pieces” by Yaz — I will go through phases where I can listen to this particular song, like, six times in a row. I recently went through one of those patches. Why this song and not other, more popular Yaz songs? Got me. But there it is.

9. “The Golden Boy” by Shelby — Shelby is an indie band that is a particular favorite of mine; this was the lead-off single of their most recent album.

10. “Kiteflyer’s Hill” by Eddi Reader — Eddi Reader has one of the best voices out there, period, end of sentence, full stop, and this particular song (written by her former Fairground Attraction bandmate Mark Nevins) shows off the range and quality of her voice brilliantly… and is just a fabulous song in itself. If you’ve never heard this song, I pity you.

That’s my iTunes Top Ten. What’s yours? Don’t feel the need to annotate as extensively as I have if you don’t want to; a simple list will do. But now I’m curious.

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  1. According to playcount:
    1) Total Eclipse of the Heart – Hurra Torpedo
    A great version played on kitchen appliances.
    2) Dance Me to the End of Love – Madeline Peyroux
    Turns Lenoard Cohen into a 30’s jazz tune (not that he’s far off).
    3) China Girl – David Bowie
    From his stint on VH1 Storytellers. Why they won’t release it on DVD but Billy Idol’s gets one I will never know.
    4) This Magic Moment – Lou Reed
    A great song from the “Lost Highway” soundtrack. Just Mr. Reed and a guitar.
    5) La Vie en Rose – Cindy Lauper
    What can I say “At Last” was a great album.
    6) Crazy – Kidney Thieves
    Puts a much darker spin on the Patsy Kline standard.
    7) Underneath it All – No Doubt
    An accoustic version from a german radio station visit.
    >8) I Put a Spell on You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
    Is there anything prettier than a love song?
    9) Common People – William Shatner
    This beat out the original version by 3 plays. Odd.
    My Immortal – Evanescence
    A nice, haunting tune (not the one with the guitar/drums overlay).

    Just a few covers (iTunes says 34.3 hours) on my system. :)

  2. My top 10 is a little strange, because when we listen to music in our house, it’s usually on my fiancee’s computer. That being said, here is the top 10 on my computer:

    1. Indier Than Thou, MC Frontalot – The first of a couple of nerdcore hiphop songs, a genre I just recently discovered.

    2. Ford vs. Chevy, Optimus Rhyme – I blame Penny Arcade for getting me into nerdcore.

    3. Sleepy Maggie, Ashley MacIsaac – A fun song with indecipherable lyrics.

    4. Quelqu’un m’a dit, Carla Bruni – The Barnes & Noble near our house was playing this album in-store, and this first track hooked me. It’s very wistful, and again, a language I can’t understand. The rest of the album sounded a little to pop-ish for me, but I snapped up this song from iTunes as soon as I got home.

    5. No Mercy For Swine, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – My musical tastes are still mostly living in the mid-1990s. I’m okay with that.

    6. Strokin’, Clarence Carter – A friend in college had put this on a mix tape, and it’s the kind of song that sticks in your head. I bought it when I found it on iTunes.

    7. Blow, Gabriel, Blow, Jonathan Pryce – This is a Cole Porter song from the De-Lovely soundtrack. There are other songs on the album I like better (Robbie Williams title track is really good, and Sheryl Crow’s version of Begin the Beguine is a wonderful cover from a singer I don’t usually even like) but I guess this one just popped up randomly more often.

    8. Indie Rock N Roll, The Killers – I agree with our good host about the playability of Hot Fuss, but I have to go with this song as my favorite. It’s either very funny, or very ironic; I haven’t figured out which, yet.

    9. Flower, Liz Phair – Liz Phair has a very, very dirty mouth, and this is one of her dirtiest songs. I love it.

    10. Reno Dakota, The Magnetic Fields – When the Magnetic Fields call an album 69 Love Songs, they mean literally, 69 love songs. This one stands out for two reasons: It’s musically different from a lot of the other stuff on the album, and it’s only a minute long.


    P.S. “Whatsername (Susanna Hoffs)” might make it into my Top 10 sometime in the near future.

  3. If you like Dean Gray you might also check out The Grey Album. Considered perhaps the most illegal of all albums, this album is a triumph in remixing. Particularly if you liked Jay-Z’s Black Album in the first place.

  4. I’m hip to the grey album, of course. Well designed mash-ups make me happy. I’ve currently got a copy of “The Beastles,” handed to me by Cory Doctorow at Boskone, which I’ll be listening to a little later in the day.

  5. You might also check out Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine. Quite possibly some of the best lounge music ever produced.

  6. Hence why I said ‘some of the best lounge music ever produced’. It wouldn’t take much to be king of that category.

    Not every track, of course, but Enter Sandman/Hey Mr. Sandman is a fantastic version of both songs.

  7. Shockingly (or not, if you know the state of one’s finances when you buy a house on your own and then get hit with a LOT of repair bills) I have only just gotten a second hand iPod. Way behind on the technology curve, I fear.

    I inherited many songs which inspired me to create a Red Shoes playlist (songs that make me want to dance), so my top ten all reflect that impulse. OutKast’s Hey Ya and Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus lead the pack.

    I’m a bit of a Luddite and have only mastered the technology enough to add two songs to the iPod from my own collection: Kiteflyer’s Hill and Bell, Book, and Candle by Eddi Reader. I was a fan of Fairground Attraction since a cute British actor from the RSC introduced me to them, but had not sought out Eddi’s solo stuff until John convinced me it was too gorgeous to miss. He was right. It’s very breath-of-life music to me.

  8. 1. BIT RATE VARIATIONS IN B-FLAT (Girl), Beck – If you listened to Girl and thought “what this song needs is Nintendo game music in the background,” this song is for you.
    2. Love Vigilantes, New Order – My favorite New Order song of all time. Not sure why, but I think “it said that I was a brave, brave, man, but that I was dead” may be it.
    3. Unchained Melody, U2 – I like every version of this I’ve heard, but U2 brings the song closer to modern sensibilities and so I like the version a bit better.
    4. So Lonely, Police – Such a happy happy sounding song with such depressed lyrics.
    5. Then She Kissed Me, Kiss – My memories of the original are all from Adventures in Babysitting, so the Kiss rendition always induces cognitive dissonance in a good way.
    6. Love-Missile F1-11, Pop Will Eat Itself – I would prefer the Sigue Sigue Sputnik version, but I took was iTunes had. I cannot explain my love for this song.
    7. Da Da Da I Don’t Love You You Don’t Love Me Aha Aha Aha, Trio – I can’t explain how this song got played this much.
    8. What Difference Does It Make, Smiths – I have a penchant for whiny-music-to-slit-your-wrists-by, and this is more of it.
    9. Fade To Black, Apocalyptica – Answering the question, “what would Metallica sound like on cello / violin?”
    10. GAMEBOY/HOMEBOY (Que Onda Guero), Beck – Same as #1 for Que Onda Guero.

  9. K,

    Re: Sleepy Maggie & Ashley MacIsaac

    The song’s sung in Gaelic, I believe, hence the indecipherable-ness of the lyrics.

    I love that album.

  10. Re: ‘the odious “Kidz Bop” collections’

    Thank you. I’ve been waiting for someone besides my wife to confirm this for me. It seems that recently my 8 y.o. daughter may have “lost” her Kidz Bop CD . . .

  11. This Is the Last Time for a Long While, I Swear

    John Scalzi, the guy who started the iTunes Game, is playing it my way now. PS I’m just kidding, John….

  12. Pamela’s the one that has iTunes. I got a gander at her top ten last night; I don’t remember what they were, but all but one of them were either by Marillion or John Wesley (who opened for Marillion in a show we saw in Boulder last year).

  13. I keep telling people my tastes in music suck. This oughta clinch it.

    The geek in me feels the need to disclaim: I muck with my iTunes library all the time so the playcounts are inaccurate. And my smartphone is my iPod, so counts there aren’t included. Okay? Here we go:

    1. Poison, Groove Coverage

    2. Moi Lolita, Angelica

    3. Runaway, Groove Coverage

    4. Diamonds Are Forever, Solid Base

    5. Venus, Bananarama

    6. Total Eclipse of the Heart, Nicki French

    7. When I Look Into Your Eyes, Samira

    8. I Want You, Savage Garden

    9. I Want to Love, Whigfield

    10. Cuando Tu Vas, Chenoa

    Naturally, the first one I’m not embarrassed by is 11, Tainted Love by Depeche Mode. And the one I can’t get enough of this week is From Paris to Berlin by Infernal.

  14. I am also adopting the one artist appearance, due to the multiple and unrepresentative appearances of MC Hawking. Also note, I do most of my listening at work, and what I listen to via iTunes from my main desktop machines songs is different from what I listen to when I actually get to sit at that machine. I’m also taking ‘song’ to mean ‘track’ in this context, even though I don’t like that particular use…

    1. E=mcHawking, MC Hawking
    Curious, I like “Bitchslap” far better, but I guess I haven’t had that long enough.
    2. Dance with Me, Debelah Morgan
    This is on a list of purchased iTunes store songs that I often start off listening to when at my main (but rarely used) desk, so this is largely an artifact. Not that I don’t like the song.
    *2.5* Almost the entirety of MC Hawkings work occupies the space between here and number three…
    3. Night Moves, Bob Seger
    I just love this song. No justifications, just love.
    4. German March, Jerry Goldsmith (Patton)
    Um, yeah. Patton’s an awesome score, and German March features on a playlist I’m fussing with for an RPG session.
    *4.5* Further Bob Seger dupes here, special mention to You’ll Accomp’ny Me
    5. Here Comes the Rain Again, The Eurhythmics
    Not actually my favorite Eurhythmics, but I keep forgetting to note the name of the other one as it comes up on Pandora.
    6. Main Title (House Atreides), Brian Tyler (Children of Dune)
    A nice piece of fanfare, also making an appearance in my gaming (Jovian Chronicles) list.
    7. Let’s Get It Started (Spike Mix), Black Eyed Peas
    An impulse freebie purchase that hasn’t worn well, but is part of my ‘purchase songs’ list that I often use out of laziness.
    8. Overture/Going Through the Motions, The Cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    I like the Tara/Giles duet, and Walk Through the Fire better, but this somehow sits on top.

    That actually wraps it up for non-duplicating artists within the top 25, which is all I can see right not without going back, there were a number of Goldsmith dupes from L.A. Confidential and Patton in there. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a Frou Frou, or a Fiona Apple in there somewhere, and there is no Garbage listed because I haven’t yet actually bought an album, after training Pandora to deliver garbage to me pretty readily.

  15. Well, I’ve only been listening in iTunes for a couple months since I got the PowerBook, and I never listen to anything but party shuffle, pretty much, so anything on this list came off some playlist or another (i.e., the playlist I keep active with new stuff to burn for the car — 695MB or so — all my 3-star songs or above, etc.), and there are a LOT of ties. But, that said, my list doesn’t surprise me much (I rated my J-Pop first, so it has a slight edge. Over time, I imagine it’ll recede a bit). Also, only three songs on this list would even be candidates for a top-ten list (much less be on one, if I was insane enough to try to pick just ten).

    1. Day After Tomorrow – Otome No Mama De Ita Ano Koru
    2. Do As Infiniti – Honjitsu Wa Seiten Nari
    3. Hellsing – Soul Rescuer
    4. ELO – Here Is The News
    5. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Stamina Rose
    6. RTZ – Face The Music
    7. Tommy February6 – Koi Wa Me Ratai
    8. Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor Or Humanity
    9. Yellow Monkey – Love Love Show
    10. Yoko Kanno – Good By My Master

    All of these have a play count of nine (as do two repeats of Do As Infinity, one song of which is much better than the one listed). Another eighteen songs were played eight times, so for all intents and purposes, this is close to a random cross section of what I’ve listened to over the last two months.

  16. Er, my failure to capitalize my second mention of Garbage probably makes that come across entirely snarkier than intended. To add some actual content the artist most important to me not indicated in my actual list are the Talking Heads.

  17. My list is at my blog (follow the link), and a statement of protest. I thought of this type of list over a year ago. You may bring up facts like readership comparisons, saying that Vodkapundit’s thousands of daily visitors is more influential than my tens of visitors. Facts, schmacts, I say! Credit must be given, especially to the little guy.

  18. I have no iPod, so I can’t play the game. But I’m oddly fond of lounge lately, and so recommend Skip Heller (technically a jazz guitarist). I like Couch 2.0 best of the disks I’ve got, but it’s all good.

  19. 1. Submarine Dive Klazon – Adam Smith. From
    2. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash, from *Complete Live At San Quentin*. A song that’s had a great deal of personal significance for me the past few months.
    3. Lust for Life – Iggy Pop, from *Lust For Life*. A pretty recent purchase, and for some reason I don’t get tired of hearing it.
    4. Good Horses – Kongar-ol Ondar, from *Back Tuva Future*. What can you say about Tuvan throat singing?
    5. Walla Walla – Offspring, from *Americana*.
    6. Who Do You Love – George Thorogood.
    7. Every Fucking City – Paul Kelly. This is actually an Audio Hijacked track from an episode of the *Coverville* podcast, since Paul Kelly’s music doesn’t seem to be available through ITMS. A great song about a guy having a fight with his girlfriend, chasing her through Europe, and globalization.
    8. Battle Without Honor or Humanity – Tomoyasu Hotei.
    9. Holiday in Cambodia – The Dead Kennedys.
    10. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Rolling Stones.

  20. Hm. This all depends on who you ask: iTunes, the iPod or my profile. All three run different, but similar counts. I’ll just use, it’s probably most accurate (iTunes counts reset a few months ago when I moved the music to a new HD).

    1. Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc (Single Edit) – Kinda sick of it now, but this song rocked when it came out.
    2. Daft Punk – Around the World – As far as I’m concerned, Homework is the single greatest electronic album ever.
    3. Big & Rich – Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) – Big & Rich really shouldn’t have this one song be kind of the high point in their popularity, because all of their stuff is pretty good, but there you have it.
    4. Daft Punk – Face to Face – More from Homework.
    5. Idlewild – A Modern Way of Letting Go – I still love this song.
    6. Ozomatli – Saturday Night – You can thank that Apple commercial for getting me into Ozomatli. Interesting latin hip-hop.
    7. Ayumi Hamasaki – Ayu’s EURO MEGA-MIX (Y&Co. Mix) – A dance remix that’s an amalgam of some of the J-Pop star’s hits. Very catchy. Also almost ten minutes long.
    8. The Servant – Cells – And you can thank the trailer from Sin City for latching onto this song.
    9. The Ataris – The Boys of Summer – The Ataris are really good power punk. More mature than Blink-182 or Fall Out Boy, but very fast-paced. This is a cover of the Don Henley song that was a marginal hit on the radio. I like the whole CD. If we were going to 20, there would be four more songs of theirs listed.
    10. Lenny Kravitz – Where Are We Running? – I went through a phase with this song. It’s just okay to me now.
    And that’s it. None of these songs even cross 50 plays. This is because I just tend to listen on full shuffle to the entire collection of almost 10,000 songs. Check my profile for all the other junk I listen to.

  21. Funny, but the last few things I’ve bought off iTunes have been ambient albums. Great reading music. I can think of few things as blissful as reading while Steve Roach’s amazing Early Man is coming through the headphones.

    For other electronica needs, I really enjoyed the compilations Earth Octave Lounge Vol. 2 and Natural Born Chillers.

  22. kidz bop is evil. i’m not against kids listening to good music (or even bad music), but some of the songs get really creepy when kids sing them. Something tells me that kidz bop is real popular at the state penn…

  23. I was running iTunes at work for a while… and I’d just bring a fistful of CDs in every couple days and rip them… but then I stopped working there (much to my ecstatic joy).

    Now, I have iTunes at home, but there’s almost nothing on it. Pretty much, only stuff that I don’t properly own *coughcough* I have a fairly nice stereo for music-listening these days, so iTunes gets saddled with random samples of things that people are like, “oh check out BLAHBLAHBLAH.”

    Which means, without looking at the list, I can guarantee that my top played song on iTunes is Yuki Maeda’s “Sarasara no Kawa” because, to date, it’s pretty much the only song that I’ve been pushed towards in that way, that I liked.

    Then, tied for second place is lessons 3-10 of Pimsleur’s Learn Japanese 1. Because I do each lesson twice before moving onto the next one, and I’m lazy and cheap.

    Man, these games are no fun when you’re a loser like I am…

  24. My wife and I have only had an iPod (a gift to her from me) and iTunes (loaded on my work laptop because our ancient home PC runs Windows 98) since Christmas, so the playcounts might not fully reflect her taste or mine just yet. We also tend to listen on shuffle a lot on the JVC speaker dock in the kitchen/dining room/living room area. At any rate, I won’t be able to check the top 10 until I get home. But I can report with near certainty that No. 1, or close to it, will be Nina Simone’s rendition of “Pirate Jenny.” That’s thanks to our 4-year-old daughter’s frequent demands for “the scary music.”

  25. Man, I am *so* glad I checked in today. I downloaded “Golden Boy” a year or so ago after Warren Ellis put it on his site and never put in the full artist information. Then I get an iPod, and all of my mp3 data gets flux0red. But now I can go and get me some more of that Shelby goodness. Thanks!

  26. Probably not as representative as it could be, as I had to reformat my computer a month or so ago.

    1. Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me Ohio
    2. Akron/Family – Lumen
    3. Broken Social Scene – Almost Crimes (Radio Kills Remix)
    4. High on Fire – Devilution
    5. John Coltrane – Softly As A Morning Sunrise
    6. The Polyphonic Spree – It’s the Sun (KCRW version)
    7. Feist – Mushaboom
    8. Bjork – Unravel
    9. Eluvium – Perfect Neglect in a Field of Statues
    10. Explosions in the Sky – The Moon Is Down

  27. Okay, here’s mine. Eclectic, with some bias towards film music….

    1. Z’ha’dum, by Christopher Franke — From one of the Babylon 5 soundtrack albums, in case you couldn’t tell. Played mainly for the music from the scene in “The Long Twilight Struggle” when the Shadows massacre the Narn fleet. Er. Ahem.

    2. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), by the Eurythmics

    3. The James Bond Theme from “Doctor No”, by John Barry — Just really cool, you know?

    4. Palladio, by Karl Jenkins, performed by the London Philharmonic Strings — A wonderful, little-known modern classical piece. It has the drive and power of the 20th century combined with the melody and harmony of the 18th. The first movement can be heard in RealAudio format on the composer’s web site, here.

    5. Double Trouble, by John Williams — from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Heard it and liked it, despite its mangling of Shakespeare.

    6. Losing My Religion, by REM — a great singalong piece. “That’s mee in the spahhht-light…”

    7. Into the West, by Annie Lennox — well deserving its Best Song Oscar.

    8. Brain Damage – Eclipse, by Pink Floyd

    9. Duel of the Fates, by John Williams — Say what you like about Episode 1, this is a great dramatic piece.
    10. The Miracle of the Ark, by John Williams

  28. Regarding play count in Rhapsody, it’s there. Bring up your library, make sure it is showing all tracks. The right click on the header bar (where it says “Track Name”, “Time”, etc.). That should bring up a dropdown checklist with everything you can add to that screen. “Play Count” should be on there.

    My top ten from Rhapsody

    1) Feel Good, Inc. – Gorillaz
    2) Flight Test – Flaming Lips
    3) Perfect Day – Duran Duran
    4) Formula, Cola, Dollar Draft – Marah
    5) Loving The Alien – Velvet Revolver
    6) Radioactive – The Firm
    7) Notorious – Duran Duran
    8) Train In Vain – The Clash
    9) Landed – Ben Folds
    10) The Distance – Cake

  29. Top Ten Music Game

    All the cool kids are doing it again. Here are the top-10 songs (by play count) in my folder in iTunes: 1. “Halo” by O’Donnell/Salvatori…

  30. Paul B:

    “Regarding play count in Rhapsody, it’s there. Bring up your library, make sure it is showing all tracks.”

    Ah, there it is. Thanks. Here’s a top five from there:

    1. Skullcrusher Mountain — Jonathan Coulton
    2. Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams — Green Day
    3. Where Will I Be — Emmylou Harris
    4. Under Stars — Brian Eno
    5. Enjoy the Silence (Reinterpreted) — Depeche Mode

  31. 1. “We Used to Be Friends” by The Dandy Warhols – Wow, this is a fun song have you heard it? Then again, they have several songs out that I really enjoy.
    2. “Losing my Favorite Game” by The Cardigans—This is an oldie but a goody. I’m not surprised to see it so high on the list.
    3. “Gold Digger” by Kayne West — this is one actually surprises me. I like the song, but I didn’t realize that I listened to it that much.
    4. “Soul Meets Body” by Death Cab for Cutie – This is another fun song, but oddly enough it reminds me of Sting. Isn’t that strange?

    5. “I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor” by The Arctic Monkeys – This band is awesome. They’re a little dirty, a little raw and a whole lotta of talented.
    6. “Denial Twist” by White Stripes – What list would be complete without a little White Stripes in it.
    7. “Nth Degree” by Morningwood – Ok, I’m thinking this one should have been higher in my list, but whatever…
    8. “When I’m Gone” by No Address – I am sure this one used to be at the top of the list, but I’m glad to see it’s still in here. This song absolutely rocks.
    9. “These Things” by She Wants Revenge – Oh my, this band has a dirty mind, but I have to say I like it.
    10. “Ugly” by The Exies – This song is sung with so much heart, I can’t help but like it.

    If it’s alright, I will probably carry the torch to my blog (linking back to yours, of course).

  32. dammit, I find these things entirely too hard to resist.

    My top-ranked songs are heavily biased towards Soul Coughing because I can listen to them while working, and that’s all I ever do these days. Much of the rest is off of a single playlist that I made back when I was starting to become terribly terribly smitten with the guy who is now my boyfriend. I guess it still gets quite a bit of play, which is probably good news for the boyfriend. :)

    40 Grand In The Hole — Mike Doughty
    Janine — Soul Coughing
    You Are My Sunshine — Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash
    I See a Darkness — Johnny Cash
    Unchained — Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash
    ABC — Jackson 5
    No More Mosquitos — Four Tet
    What Do I Get? — The Buzzcocks
    Turning Time Around — Lou Reed
    See-Line Woman — Nina Simone

    I might follow some of the other commenters here and put this up on my own blog too.

  33. Didn’t Eddi Reader sing on Culture Club’s “Church of the Poison Mind”? If so, awesome pipes.

    Sorry I can’t join in the “10 Most Played” meme. I trashed that feature on my iTunes months ago and haven’t missed it until this moment. So I’ll just let fly with what’s playing right now: the Sisters of Mercy’s cover of “Gimme Shelter.”

  34. I do believe Ms. Reader did sing backup for Culture Club, but I’m not sure if it was on that particular track.

  35. Damn, I’m SO behind in my Whatever reading…

    This little experiment is interesting in that it shows an idiosyncracy in how I use the iPod:

    When I listen to it on my own, I listed to the 917 (out of 2,932) songs that I’ve tagged as 5 stars (basically, removing all the B-sides to CD’s I’ve ripped over the years, as well as all the kids music). That playlist is typically set to shuffle, so to hear the same song twice in a given week would be pretty rare.

    On the weekends, though, the iPod moves to the car and plays the kids’ playlists (73 total songs), many of which they request to hear over & over again.

    So, the Top 25 played (my iTunes pre-loaded with a Top 25, not a Top 10 – anyone else?) is almost exclusively kids’ music, even though 5 out of 7 days, it doesn’t play any kids music at all…

    (Yeah, I know, not that interesting…)

  36. hey i like this website i’ll def come bak n visit n see whos liking wat who out there likes dani california by the red hot chili peppers/its mi fav song @ the mo

  37. 1) When you were young – The Killers
    2) L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N – Noah and the Whale
    3) I giorni – Ludovico Einaudi
    4) Angels – Robbie Williams
    5) Aint no Sunshine – Bill Withers
    6) Lean on me – Bill Withers
    7) Changed the way you kiss me – Example
    8) Naive – The Kooks
    9) Who’s that Chick – David Guetta Ft. Rihanna
    10) White Christmas – Bing Crosby

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