Subterranean Sale

Along with the release of The Ghost Brigades, here’s something those of you in a purchasing mood might be interested in: Subterranean Press is doing a two-day sale in which if you buy four books on their sale list, you’ll get 40% off. Both Agent to the Stars and “Questions for a Soldier” are on the list, as are books from Dan Simmons, Orson Scott Card, Charles de Lint, Joe Lansdale and Charlie Stross. I’m pretty sure these are all signed, limited editions, so this is good for you collectors. I’ll also note that I know for a fact that were down to the last few dozen copies of Agent (I personalized #1496 at Boskone), so if you’ve been wanting to get that but have been putting it off, this might be a not bad time.

Okay, I think that’s enough bald-faced commerce for one day.

7 Comments on “Subterranean Sale”

  1. Enough bald-faced commerce? If you were like Glen Reynolds you would have included three links to OMW and TGB in the first sentence and then a link every subsequent work/website you have ever done in the next sentence.

    And then finished it up with a, “Heh, indeed.”

  2. Heh. Well, inasmuch as Glenn pimps my work on a regular basis, you will not hear me say a thing about his own personal promotional style, except to note that his book has sold truckloads on Amazon, so he must be doing something right.

  3. Oh I’m not criticizing. I think Glenn is great I just find his pimpery entertaining. And as far as selling how much he has, I would attribute that to the number of hits he gets each day from his numerous sites and links.

    He has his own orbit.

  4. Yeah for bald-faced commerce! Sell those suckers! Support your wife and family! Don’t tax me to support you!

    (Oh, probably went a bit far there.)

    Sell! Sell! Sell!

    (And excuse me while I check on your copies at my hubby’s libraries. Want to make sure we have copies here, too.)

  5. just wondering if you had, or had considered commenting on the evilosity or non-evilness or google, concerning its China censorship issue. your opinions on matters are always entertaining and interesting.

  6. Sad day: I tried two bookstores (Borders and B&N), and neither one had it. So, it’s off to Amazon I go. If a bookstore isn’t bright enough to have books on their release day, forcing me to wait for it, then I might as well save the cost of a paperback by buying online. Serves ’em right. *shrug*

  7. I buy everything online. But last time there was a problem with delivery. I just never got neither my book nor money.

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