Friendpimping on a Wednesday Morning

Because you don’t read enough blogs, here are two more for you to go check out. First: SeeLight, the personal blog of writer Claire Light, whom you may remember as a guest blogger here last July. Claire’s FAQ entry is already a classic of the form. Second, The Little Blog of Murder, which is the group blog of five mystery writers from Ohio (which is to say, they write mysteries, not that they themselves are, like, all mysterious or anything). Sharon Short, one of the writers, is a pal of mine.

In both cases the blogs are in their first week, so stick with them through all the introductory stuff and see what they’ve got going over the next couple of weeks.

There we go: friendpimpery. It’s good for the soul. Now, if you’ve got some friends with some relatively new blogs (say, from the last three months or so), go ahead and pimp them in the comments. Because I don’t read enough blogs, either.

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  1. My friend Matthew Amster-Burton is a freelance food writer whose writing is always interesting and funny. (He’s been anthologized in the “Best Food Writing” collection in both 2003 and 2004.) He recently started a blog where he can write more informally than his published work usually allows, but the posts are no less polished.

    Check it out at

  2. I’m my own best friend, so here’s a horrible plug for my own site: Now with a snazzy M-W-F posting schedule.

    I also can recommend Bill Harris’s Dubious Quality ( Bill isn’t someone I know personally, more I feel like I know him based on reading his site every day. It’s a nice mix of interesting links, personal stories about his family and stories about gaming. Well worth visiting.

    I also read Heather Havrilesky’s Rabbit Blog ( She’s an entertainment writer for Salon but her blog is an advice column of sorts. Good stuff.

  3. I’ll plug my own blog. :-) I’m a freelance copyeditor specializing in SF/F, and a number of the posts I’ve written about copyediting are linked on the left-hand side of my page. I discuss the copyediting process, how you can help your copyeditor, and some of the technical aspects of copyediting. A number of editors and authors recently contributed to a post of mine on how to go about requesting a particular copyeditor.

    My main blog’s at


  4. Who lacks wealth, cunning, office,
    brawn, beauty, charm or brains
    must live by sheer dumb luck alone
    Hence my blog.
    Which is the oldest profession?
    Story Tellers?

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