Subterranean Magazine Cover Art

Because I love you all so much, here’s an early look at the cover art for the Scalzi-edited “SF Cliches” issue of Subterranean Magazine, which will be out later this spring.


The cover is by Hugo and Chesley-winning artist Bob Eggleton (who did the artwork for “Questions for a Soldier,” you may recall) and reproduces a moment in Allen Steele’s excellent story “The Last Science Fiction Writer” — as it happens, the exact moment I suspected (but did not suggest to the artist) would make an excellent cover, so I’m glad Bob independently agreed with me on that. Clearly, it’s jam-packed with cliches, which is just the way I like it.

The magazine itself is humming along in its production schedule and I’ll let you all know when it’ll hit the racks. I am about 90% sure single-copy sales will be available as well. More information when I have it. Until then, enjoy the picture!

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