Heh, and Indeed.

An amusing interview of Tobias Buckell by Jeff VanderMeer.

Speaking of interviews, I recorded one yesterday with Glenn and Helen Reynolds (aka Instapundit and Dr. Helen) for an upcoming podcast, in which we discuss various things about Old Man’s War, The Ghost Brigades, and selling books online. I’ll let you know when that goes live. It was actually the first time I’ve spoken with either, which is weird considering how long we’ve known of each other in the online sense. But that’s the 21st century for you, isn’t it: you can know someone for years, and yet not know the sound of their voice.

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  1. Reminds me of the first time I heard Chris Muir’s voice. It’s strange when it’s a blogger but it’s much stranger when it’s a cartoonist.

    I suppose because a cartoonist gives individual characters their own voice but they never really show themselves.

  2. I’m afraid I had to stop reading Mr Reynolds because all his ‘insta-‘ prefixing and his Heh Indeedies. I mean, a personal style is one thing, but a joke overused is just grating.

    It’s too bad, really, because he has some interesting takes on politics.

  3. Yup. It’s been doing a lot obetter than I had expected (or hoped). Naturally, I’m very happy.

  4. As a shamless plug, Baen Books is running an auction on Ebay for a VIP pass to access ALL of Baen’s Ebooks past, present and future.

  5. Just finished it this morning and loved it. However, I have to say one of the highlights was on page 235. Having been coming here for a while and reading your thoughts on evolution vs. creationism I literally laughed out loud.

    Well done John. It was a great read.

  6. LOL! That’s the question I always get asked. The answer is: we think he’s a distant cousin, but my dad always just says, “Yeah, he’s a close relative.” Unless they find out he had skeletons in his closet or something.

    John–that article I emailed you about has been greenlighted and you’ll hear from the person writing it shortly.


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