Uncle John’s Visits Hollywood

Oh look, another Uncle John’s book I contributed to has hit the stores: Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges Into Hollywood. As per the Uncle John’s tradition, the individual articles are not attributed so unless you have a truly excellent eye for my writing, you’ll not know which pieces are mine. And, frankly, I wrote these pieces so long ago that even I’m not entirely sure which are mine; I’d have to look at my check stub to be sure. But regardless, the book is chock full of Hollywood trivia goodness, so if you’re a Hollywood and/or Uncle John’s buff, you will be deeply satisfied by this offering. It’s pretty damn interesting.

6 Comments on “Uncle John’s Visits Hollywood”

  1. Well, the Uncle John’s books are in every bookstore (it seems like), so you can certainly check them out before you plunk down your cash. They are as advertised: filled with pieces short enough to be read while you are, you know, doing your business.

  2. That’s something I actually never do.

    Every single person in family did it, though, so maybe it’s my form of rebellion not to.

  3. You should have a contest with one of these things: Name an article Scalzi wrote for [fill in the blank Uncle John Book] and win a prize.


  4. The Uncle John books are fantastic…I’m in the middle of the Uncle John’s Long Lastin’ Fast Actin’ Bathroom Reader. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go check out the next article…

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