Three Quick Book-Related Notes

They are:

1. The Ghost Brigades just spent a full week in the Amazon bestselling SF list’s top 10 (#9 as I wrote this). I am agog and almost unspeakably appreciative. Thank you.

2. Just sent the final revised text of The Android’s Dream to Tor. The book as been done for quite some time, but there were a couple of cosmetic touch-ups that needed to be undertaken (requiring a change of about 20 words in the text — but 20 significant words). I think I’ve mentioned before that I am very happy with this book, and I remain so; it was sold to Tor with the premise that it would be heavy on action scenes and snappy dialogue, and I think it delivers both. It’s also almost entirely message-free; if a science fiction novel could be described as a “popcorn book” — i.e., designed to make you cram handfuls of salty snacks into your mouth as you tear through the pages to see what happens next, this would be that book. And also — and let’s never lose sight of this — sheep play a truly significant role in his book. Which is as it should be. Frankly, sheep have long been underrepresented in SF. That’s gonna change, baby. That’s gonna change.

3. Today also marks the official start of writing The Last Colony. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Wish me luck.