An Excursion Into Short Story Land, Plus a TGB Review

The Scalzi family has been awash in illness and irritability over the weekend; nevertheless I managed to finish a short story I’d been fiddling with off and on for a while now, as (sort of) part of the cliche issue of Subterranean magazine, called “How I Proposed to My Wife: An Alien Sex Story.” You can guess what the cliche is here. I say it’s “sort of” part of the magazine because the short story is being printed up in a chapbook that will go out as a premium for the folks who purchase the special hardcover limited edition of the magazine.

Why isn’t it included in the magazine proper? Well, aside from being turned in horrendously late for the purposes of the magazine (which is of course well into pre-production), I’d’ve been loath to take space in the magazine for myself that could have been used for someone else. An editor making space for his own stuff at the expense of other work seems a little cheesy. But as an add-on? Hey, why not.

In any event, it’s an interesting short story in a technical sense, because it’s almost entirely dialogue. Which would make it an interesting audio short, I think; I suspect I might try my hand at doing an audio version at some point in the near future. Until then, the only way you’ll see it is if you get the limited edition hardcover version of Subterranean #4. Of course, I’ll let you all know as soon as that and the regular version of the magazine are available for pre-order. It shouldn’t be too long now.

For those of you desiring The Ghost Brigades review goodness, there’s a review of the book up on Science Fiction Weekly, from Paul Di Filippo. He gives the book an “A-” and says: “In our current world, where rival civilizations seem doomed to continually clash, Scalzi’s novels stand as intriguing thought experiments on the nature of war, peace and the uneasy states between those extremes.” I’m deep, damn it!

6 Comments on “An Excursion Into Short Story Land, Plus a TGB Review”

  1. A-? You should issue a SF/F fatwa.

    Unlike regular fatwa’s, this one just means that geeks ruin your credit rating.

  2. Well, then I’d have to call in a bombing strike on Entertainment Weekly, which gave it a B+. I think I’ll keep my jihads down for now.

  3. Just remember the power you wield over the hordes of winged monkey fan-boys.

    And with great power…

    …comes the ability to really smite your enemies.

  4. The story sounds like fun! And of course, once it’s been out and about for a while, if you’d like to hear it adapted for audio, I know somebody who does that sort of thing. >8->

  5. More The Ghost Brigades review goodness: I gave the book some love over on Electric Minds here, and reprinted the review over on here.