Gaaaaaah, or, Please Stand By

I wrote up this huge piece for the Reader Request Week 2006, and then my browser locked up and I lost it all. In my resulting fury, I managed not to destroy my computer with an aluminum baseball bat, but only barely. I’ll try to reconstruct what I was writing in slightly briefer form and post it soon, but in the meantime, allow me to share a little bit of book news which is making me happy.

The Ghost Brigades is going into a second printing after two weeks, which makes me squee in a very unmanly way, and also serves notice to those of you who have a thing for first editions to get to the stores quickly. The book was also #23 on Ingram’s Hardcover Fiction list last week, Ingram being one of the largest book distributors in North America. So that’s a nicely w00table moment.

Incidentally, one of my favorite quotes about TGB, from a blog review: “When it comes to writing science fiction novels, John Scalzi is proving to be Shaker furniture.” Just as long as I don’t have to be celibate.

One other quick note: I am informed by Subterranean Press that the number of available copies of Agent to the Stars is now down into the double digits. Neat.

Okay, enough self-pimpage for one day. A reader request post is coming soon.

14 Comments on “Gaaaaaah, or, Please Stand By”

  1. Is there any kind of furniture that isn’t celibate?

    That’s possibly one of the oddest comparisons I’ve ever heard – does he mean we’re supposed to hang your books on a peg when we’re not reading them? Or hang you on a peg when you’re not writing?

  2. I believe the comparison is to suggest that my writing — like Shaker furniture — is clean and unadorned (i.e., I don’t go in for that fruity description crap).

  3. Congrats on the second printing! I’m over half way through and I’m enjoying this book quite a bit. Maybe even more than the first one, though that’s a really tough call to make.

    And if Gabrial Brahe isn’t a nod to PA then I’m not reading any more of your work ;)

  4. I believe the comparison is to suggest that my writing — like Shaker furniture — is clean and unadorned

    Oh. Damn. Guess I better go take Agent off the wall, then …

  5. As soon as I read the line that went “No, that’s the antidote.” I *knew* it was going to be good. Not only was it good, it was better than OMW.

    What does C. Stross think of being a giant spacefaring turtle, though?

  6. Firefox has been crashing on *me all day, and I’ve actually resorted to IE. But, I have started using Writely. It’s an online word processing application, free AND, the best part for me is that is auto-saves every 20 or 30 seconds. As much as I’d like to be able to compose directly into any number of blogging applications (I contribute to 4), I’ve lost so much work from freezing and crashing. Writely has a few bugs, but bottom line is, I’ve never lost work on it, even from a browser crash. Go! Now!!!

  7. Is there any kind of furniture that isn’t celibate?

    There are some questions you just don’t ask unless you’re prepared to cope with the answer.

  8. If you’re using Firefox, run, do not walk, and install the free Session Saver extension. It will save everything up to and including the contents of text boxes, no matter how badly it crashes or why.

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