Pictures from Home

Pictures from earlier today:

If Krissy had an author photo, it would look like this.

Krissy and Athena, doing the wave.

Mother and child.

9 Comments on “Pictures from Home”

  1. Krissy needs to get writing so she can get that first photo on a book.

    Also, I agree with Martin about that last photo.

    Nicely done.


  2. Blessed are we that have the wives and the kids that love us and make everything else we do seem trivial.

  3. I like the second photo best. The way Krissy’s and Athena’s hair meld together, with Athena’s standing out lighter and so wavy. I also love the contrast in their faces. Krissy’s face is calm and almost serene. Athena appears to be engrossed in the moment. Her face scrunched with concentration.
    They are beautiful. The pictures also reflect how much you love them. The way you’ve framed them is lovely.

  4. Damn, man. Between the wife, the kid, the playing-easy-to-get publishers, the bucolic rural living, the peacefully coexisting and unnaturally photogenic animals…you are soooo sucking up everyone else’s luck allotments. Seriously, the day of your funeral I fully expect the entire population of Oklahoma to win the lottery simultaneously and the hole in the ozone layer to spontaneously repair itself.


  5. Yeah, Soni, but the last we heard, his cat still had dreads. What’s the update on that, John?

    And yes, those are gorgeous photos.

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