March Madness, Scalzi Family Style

In case the previous entry’s photos have you curious about how Athena, Krissy and I spent our afternoon, the entire photoset is here. No, I’m not in it. Because I’m holding the camera, you see.

6 Comments on “March Madness, Scalzi Family Style”

  1. Well, a 50-degree day in March in Ohio really isn’t evidence of global warming, I’d think.

  2. I assume Athena is shooting a free throw, and she is usuing the proper means of shooting one for someone her size.

    Rick Barry was one of the best FT shooters, and he shot them just like that. A lot of people feel that Shaq should shoot them like that as well.

    I notice the Akita looks calm. My dog HATES basketball, which used to be a problem until I broke my leg. Sloppy usually follows the game and tries to take the ball, or at least bite it.

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