Daily Archives: March 12, 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer Podcast is Up

It’s here. It’s me chatting with Inquirer reporter David Hiltbrand about The Ghost Brigades — but also esoteric concepts about space and colonization and all that. I think Hiltbrand asked some good questions, so it’s an interesting podcast, and I use the word “basically” far less this time around than I did in my last […]

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If I Ran the Nebulas

Not that anyone’s actually asking, but if I were in charge of the Nebulas, the awards the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America give out to honor the best writing in the genre, here’s what I would do: 1. Put the awards on a calendar year schedule. The Nebula awards are currently on a […]

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Flooding, Plus Links

As you can see, the monsoons have returned to western Ohio — soon it will be time to plant the rice. Alternately, this is what you get when a big-ass strom front drops three inches of water on already-saturated ground. My understanding is that there is more rain coming as well. Fortunately I am stocked […]

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OMW Hardcover, Out of Print

It looks like all the hardcovers of for Old Man’s War are gone: I can’t find anyone selling it online (well, for less than $39.27, which I don’t suggest you pay), and since I don’t think I actually ever personally saw it in a bookstore, I don’t suspect there are many hanging around the shelves, […]

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