Flooding, Plus Links


As you can see, the monsoons have returned to western Ohio — soon it will be time to plant the rice. Alternately, this is what you get when a big-ass strom front drops three inches of water on already-saturated ground. My understanding is that there is more rain coming as well. Fortunately I am stocked up on multivitamins and Coke Zero. I am prepared for whatever happens next.

Aside the from imminent waterloggination, things are pretty good. And there are a couple of nice reviews of The Ghost Brigades out today. The first is from the Philadelphia Inquirer, which writes:

The premise of the schizophrenic soldier allows Scalzi to explore the essence of consciousness and the ways in which it is shaped and influenced by memory, experience and the individual’s intrinsic personality. Combine that with good battle scenes, clever storytelling and the ability to juggle abstruse scientific principles without breaking a sweat, and it makes for an impressive piece of work.

There’s also a review in the San Diego Union-Tribune:

It’s a fast and deep stream, military machinations mixed with gorgeous technical notions, and cut through by the arc of Dirac’s life. I like the galaxy this author’s playing in, the characters he limns, the situations he’s playing with, and I’m glad there’s at least one more volume on the way.

Neat. Now, the Philadelphia Inquirer is also supposed to have up a podcast interview with me, but apparently it’s not been posted yet. When it goes up I’ll let you know. If my house hasn’t floated away by then.

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  1. My family owns lands that are easily flooded. I can remember one low-lying area near a creek that could go from dry ground to four feet deep rushing water in an hour.

  2. Just finished TGB last night. I don’t normally read a science fiction, so, as with OMW, I tended to skim the “sciency” stuff. I think I liked OMW more, but I did enjoy this. Every time something came up about a new race, I couldn’t help but wonder if, while writing, you called for Athena and had her make up a random name to call that race.

    Am I safe in assuming we haven’t seen the last of Jane Sagan or the precious Zoe?

  3. Wow…abstruse. I’d not ever heard that word before. I’ve fulfilled the requirement to learn something new today. And it’s not even 7:00 a.m.!

  4. OK, you just confirmed my suspicion that you were from Ohio.

    I picked up OMW from the hype I was hearing about TGB, decided to pick it up, only to find that my Barnes and Noble didn’t have it in stock (this was on the Tuesday that it was released, so it makes me wonder), and picked up the tradeback OMW. Which I devoured in two days.

    That resonated with me in a lot of ways (from almost tears one minute to outright laughter in the next four pages, I’m impressed), and I had a feeling you were an Ohioan yourself.

    TGB I managed to knock off in one day. Can’t wait for The Last Colony!

  5. Ok, now I’m intrigued.

    Bryan, what in OMW made you think that John’s from Ohio?

    I’m reading Agent to the Stars right now myself. I think it should be made into a movie.

  6. Cassie:

    It might be that the main character is from Ohio. Also, if one bothers to read the jacket copy, you would see it says “John Scalzi lives in Ohio.”

    Glad you’re enjoying Agent to the Stars!

  7. Hi John,
    Yes, there is a podcast. I was in the room when you and David were chatting and I listened to it the next day, to divide it into chapters. Why it has not made it online yet is a mystery I am trying to solve.
    Frank Wilson
    Inquirer Books Editor

  8. No worries. I’ll be happy to link when it goes live. I think people are going to like it — David asked some excellent questions (which makes sense, being he is a reporter for a major newspaper and all).

  9. Well, let’s hope you don’t have to evacuate to the Superdome.

    Multivitamins and Coke Zero – breakfast of champions…

  10. Hm. Never seen a “big-ass strom”. Is that Italian? Don’t think we have that in Texas.

  11. Cassie!

    Yep. John Perry is from Ohio, and it’s just the vibe that I got from John Scalzi’s writing. ;-) (Word choice, cadence, that type of thing)

    And who reads the book jacket anyway? :-P

    Of course, now that I’m actually looking at the pretty pictures, John must be in north western Ohio, since it seems to be fairly flat (I haven’t travelled that much in that part of the state myself, but I know the area around Cambridge, even if I’m a central Ohio Buckeye myself, and I know how hilly is it around there)

  12. Bryan Price:

    I’m actually just North of Dayton. Also, I don’t think you can tell I’m from Ohio by writing cadence, etc, because I was born and raised in California and spent two-thirds of my life there. I’ve only been in Ohio for the last five years, which is I suspect not quite enough time for Ohioness to seep into my writing style.