New TGB reviews

Hey! A nice review of The Ghost Brigades in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, and it gives a shout-out to the idea that the book is fun to read even for folks who aren’t steeped in SF. This is happy news, because I aim for accessible. The review also gives a thumbs up to Questions for a Soldier.

TGB also got a nice review in Booklist, although the review isn’t up yet on the Amazon page (it’ll get there eventually, I assume). In the meantime, my publicist sense suggests to me this will be the pull-quote from the review: “Scalzi skillfully weaves together action, memorable characterizations and a touch of philosophy in a first-rate military SF outing.” Groovy.

Around the blogosphere, some recent reviews at The Volokh Conspiracy, VodkaPundit, and from Dave Smith, Yendi, Paul Robichaux and Suburban Joe. I’m happy the book seems to be getting around.

8 Comments on “New TGB reviews”

  1. Can’t we push for some better descriptive for you? I’m not looking forward to the day where I’m reading an article about “the accessible SF author, John Scalzi.”

  2. Keeping in mind that the corollary between hot male SF author and wildly successful one hasn’t been very strong. Even allowing for Asimov.

  3. Asimov did have those chick-magnet sideburns.

    I wonder who would be considered the best-looking SF writer. China Mieville would get my vote, but his stuff is more on the fantasy tip.