How’s your weekend? Mine’s been pretty good. I’m just curious to see if this “pretty good” state is a general thing.

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  1. Mine is pretty good so far. Did lots of productive work behind the scenes for the blog today (I’m now a professional blogger, official title “editor”), drank some orange juice at my aunt’s.

    Pretty mellow weekend so far.

  2. So far, so good. I’m plugging away at an ARC, picked up two Kage Baker books (it is really trippy to read the Company books all out of order), and watched Howl’s Moving Castle with the boyfriend and got some knitting done. Hoping to get some sewing done tomorrow. Oh, the excitement.

  3. Mine was damn fine. We sent the children away with their grandparents and took the roadster to Seattle, where we ate meals not involving water cleanup or anything of horribly unnatural colour, nosed around in the Science Fiction Museum and assorted glass shops (of which Seattle has approximately eighty thousand), and just generally had a great all-adult time.

    The most restful part was not having to explain every little damn thing we did.

  4. Dean – you forgot to mention that no one, at any time in the last two days, asked “Are we there yet?”

    Awesome weekend, all in all. Just awesome.

  5. Well, I’m on my second day of sleeping with my new CPAP machine, and so far the results have been both immediate and dramatic. I’m feeling better than I have in literally years.

  6. I’m ahead of the curve here: living in Sydney, Aus, my weekend is already almost over. But it was great. Read some books, debugged some code that I must have written whilst drunk, tidied the living room, contemplated the same for the bathroom and then just labelled it as condemned and moved on.

    Coincidentally, Amazon delivered my copy of The Ghost Brigades on Thursday and I spent large portions of yesterday lying in a hammock reading it. It needed to be longer; all finished now. :-(

  7. Very good, thank you, kind of you to ask!

    Saturday me & my wife did some cross-country skiing on the golf course, had lunch at my dad’s place, had dinner at a Chinese place with my wife’s sister’s family.

    Today more skiing, this time with the kids: the 7-y-o has skis of his own and the 2-y-o will get to try the old Saami sleigh my dad got when I was a baby. Looks like a little dog sleigh, you wear a strap harness hooked to bamboo struts.

    Oh, yeah, and vacuuming. /-:

  8. Yup, pretty good so far.

    Off to an engagement party in a couple of hours (which, somewhat disconcertingly for me as an office jockey, is being held at mid-day, due to the engagees and most of their friends being theatre types, and unable to party in the evenings).

  9. Yeah, yeah it is… I have an old friend in from out of town and I’ve been dragging him around after me doing pretty much whatever I would done this weekend anyway — comic book shopping, go to a house warming party, see a Christopher Marlowe play, do a burlesque show — and that’s working out pretty good.

  10. I would go with “pretty good.” I would be hard-pressed to really support “excellent,” but on the other hand, “mediocre” is not enough. So yah: pretty good here.

  11. So far, so good. Got some quality time with my boy while the wife went downtown to volunteer at a 5k. I’ll need to make sure I actually go run it next year, I think. Also finally took in the Special Edition of The Abyss, which turns out to be substantially different from the theatrical release. Then fixed the wife’s computer (or, rather, combined my old Windows machine with hers to make one Sooper-Machine).

    Today it’s church and grocery shopping and maybe a movie on DVD.

  12. I did SOME productive work, including sabotaging a Windows XP installation in several creative ways in order to test something called Bart’s Preinstalled Environment. It’s WAY better than Recovery Console.

    But other than that, I pissed away most of the weekend playing Diablo II and Battle for Middle Earth.

    So it’s been a great weekend!


  13. I’ve been working all weekend. I also discovered this morning that my bathtub is leaking into my basement. I long for the halycon days of my lost youth where I didn’t have pay mortgages and plumbers.

  14. Finally started my weekend about four hours ago, contemplated the dismal prospects of the dollar and now I’m going to bed. Bed is always good; I’d like to second my disappointment at the length of Ghost Brigades, what am I supposed to be reading until your next book comes out?

  15. Mine’s a steaming bowl of suck, and I’m now eyeing you suspiciously for stealing my weekend goodness. (And the hubcap from my car’s front left wheel. Damn you! [shakes fist at heavens whilst bellowing the name of “Scalzi”])

  16. Quite decent, thankfully. Between watching basketball and hanging out with my family and futzing with technology, it’s all been good.

  17. My weekend has been pretty good. Not spectacular, best-weekend-ever sort of good, but pretty good. Thanks for asking.

    I flew home on Saturday morning from San Francisco on the red-eye, slept for a couple of hours, and then ran a couple of errands. Then I went to a party with many old friends, and there was wine and fantastic food and a lot of it. Today I’m at work but it’s not too stressy.

    It would have been a nicer party had my menfolk attended with me, but they went out of town before I got back. They are presently on their way home from a hockey tournament at Niagara Falls. So there is a fair bit of family-missing going on.
    Aside from that, though, things have been relaxed and Saturday was great.

  18. Good and bad. “Good” includes seeing the Pretenders (amazing) and Lyle Lovett (eh) last night in Austin, and now being back to the loving arms of my wife and daughter in Atlanta. Also much productive software idea creation. “Bad” includes having a grand total of three hours of sleep in the last 36, and ending up in a shouting match with Continental Airlines bureaucracy, which has evidently been outsourced to a particularly surly band of Bonobos.

  19. Just finished Ghost Brigades. Aliens have such interesting lives…to paraphrase Bugs Bunny. I hope that this is not the last in the “series” since everyone here in my little community in central Israel are looking forward to me buying more Scalzi books.

    Best of Luck,


  20. It’s been a good weekend…The highlight being a volunteer shift at the Zoo yesterday sandwhiched between a couple of long trail runs. I talked my running partner’s ear off, hashing out my “meaning of life” type of questions. She responded with a frankness and sometimes a harshness I rarely get from anyone, but probably need above all else. So, being left with all that to ponder, I felt it necessary to go out and buy my copy of “The Ghost Brigades” to lighten my mood. As soon as I’m done reading “Eledest”, I’m off to Scalzi’s universe. Thanks, John!

  21. I finished my novel the other day and started thinking more about the next novel.

    We got our mortgage approved on our new house.

    We went to a party held by former co-workers last night. While I haven’t worked at Pitt in two years, my old boss from hell is still behaving like the boss from hell. It was fun.

    Jim and Leslie saw V for Vendetta today and liked it. I didn’t go because I hate torture scenes (though they agreed it wasn’t too bad, so I might go alter this week). I bought a sander so I can do some fix-up work at the current house.

    Packed about 10 boxes yesterday. The history books are now “gone” for the duration…

  22. Not too bad. Had to work for most of it, but finally found time to read Old Man’s War.

  23. We enjoyed the same clear blue Ohio sky you did. I helped some of the disabled I tend, which always makes us feel good. Went to an old church to research my past and we just got back from the park where my wife and I got twenty feet from a herd of ten deer. Some of the pictures turned out despite it getting dark. Life is good because we choose it to be.

  24. This was a weekend where I questioned our decision to have children. Well, two children specifically, as the first was fine, but the second, good Lord, she needed to go.

    I did manage to play some Ghost Recon online, though, which was amazing as usual. Managed to come in first in kills in a number of matches (that never happens) and get a few achievements in the process.

  25. I’m going to go with that “steaming bowl of suck” thing. Until I read it here, I thought our bad luck this weekend would be from sunspots or something. And instead almost everyone had a good time! Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down – I’ve had great weekends that this one is making up for.

  26. Sweet and sour on my end – the much of Saturday was spent in exile upstairs, since sis brought the kids over to visit gran (I could go downstairs, but then my entire menu of activity choices include “Pick The Unidentifiably Wet/Slimy Spot To Sit On,” “Name That Cartoon” and “Wheel of Tantrum.”). Towards the end of the day, however, hubs came home and rescued me. We went out to dinner and then hung around as many stores as we could think of to keep from going home (yay! new socks!).

    One bright moment – saw the OMW trade paperback in the wild and took a zen moment to ritually turn the books face out.

    Today we went to Mom’s house to see why her plumbing wasn’t draining. After much rooting around, hubs pulled out a 39 inch “hickory spider” as he called it – a hickory root that had grown into the outflow pipe and whose filiments had literally created a yard-long-plus solid logjam (well, something-jam) of disturbing constituency. Ewwww!

    I, on the other hand, sat indoors next to the wood fire and sipped blackberry wine with mom. So at least one of us had fun. :-)

    And then there were more Girl Scout cookies. So all is well.

  27. Late nights, drinking, random fire alarms and hanging out with crime-writing weirdoes.

    So all in all, pretty good.