Two Suns in the Sunset


Sunset, March 25, 2006. This is an interesting version of a sun pillar; the extended pillar is obscured from view by the presence of lower-lying clouds in the foreground. So rather than a pillar of light extending upward, you get what looks to be a second sun. I’ve been semi-conscious today at best (the flu is shaking me around like a rag doll, it is, and made me sleep through most of the afternoon), so I’m glad I happened to look out the window and catch this.

12 Comments on “Two Suns in the Sunset”

  1. This is off-topic, but I started reading Old Man’s War yesterday and so far (about 5 chapters in) it is very good, very enjoyable.

    I liked the reference to the Ghost Brigades. I suppose you were already planning that book..?

  2. No, not really. It turned out to be useful when I was asked for a sequel, however.

  3. That is an interesting picture. interesting enough,, similar shots have been taken all over the world. The phenomena is known as Nibiru and has been real for some time now.
    I live at a high altitude and have been watching the sun set on June 21 well beyond it’s expected position. Also the “sunrise” as I once knew it, has changed. It once appeared coming from the east to south east,. It now comes up directly south of my street which runs along an east-west axis.
    This occurence has been kept out of the general news. Wake up, the real situation is approaching upon you and the flue may have been real ,,,so is that sun shot

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