Adding Accelerando

For those 2006 Hugo/Campbell voters out there, I’m happy to note that our 2006 Hugo/Campbell voters electronic edition package has been sweetened by 50% with the addition of Charlie Stross’ 2006 Hugo-nominated novel Accelerando. Click here for the update to the original entry, plus information on how you can get Accelerando if you’ve already downloaded the package.

w00t! Charlie’s in!

3 Comments on “Adding Accelerando”

  1. While the temptation to mis-spell swearwords is almost overpowering, I’ll just take the chance to say that _Accelerando_, while brilliant, was only 74% comprehensible when written on paper. Reading it on the screen would probably trip even finely tuned weirdness-oriented readership. It would be like reading _Finnegan’s Wake_ printed on otter-skin vellum. Flaming otter-skin vellum.

  2. Flaming Otterskin Vellum – that would be a great name for a SCA/Goth metal band. First dibs on the bored-femur flute!

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