Award-Winning Author Cherie Priest

Take a moment to congratulate Cherie Priest for winning the inaugural Fiction Prize at the Blooker Awards — an award given to books that started their life, in some way, as an online entity. She won it for Four & Twenty Blackbirds, which I wrote about here.

Despite a silly award name, it’s a great win for her and for the book, which richly deserves the recognition. And speaking as someone whose novel went from blog to book, it’s a nice reminder that quality stuff can indeed start off online. Congrats to her, and also to her editor Liz Gorinsky, who acquired the novel for Tor. Liz’s reign of selecting award-winning books has started early, as you can see.

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  1. Thank you so much :)

    And yes – I think much of the credit lands squarely upon Liz’s shoulders … since she’s the one who (firmly. repeatedly.) urged me to submit 4&20bb to the contest. I was so excited, I did a little squee over the whole thing … and called my dad (because really, what else do you do?).


  2. Good for Liz, then. She knows an opportunity when she sees one. And good on you for listening to her. And good for dad for being there for the squee.

  3. This is pretty off-topic, but the name made me think of Christopher Priest.

    Have you ever read his book The Glamour, John? Don’t be fooled by the title.. It’s actually not about what you think it is, and some of the best and most enjoyable fiction I’ve read.

    There’s a very sf aspect to it, but not in the usual way. Highly recommended.. I just got a hardcover version from Powells.

  4. I read “Blooker” and expect to hear a horse whinny in the distance.

    Thank you, Mel Brooks.

    And congrats to the author as well!

  5. Awww.

    I’m a few days late getting to this, but you are a sweetheart, as always. Cherie and I are clearly going to have to take you out to dinner (or something) at WisCon to bribe you into liking us for another year.

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