Daily Archives: April 5, 2006

A Musical Friendpimp

My good friend John Anderson went to South by Southwest this year and wrote about it. Since John Anderson is the sort of music fanatic who makes even those of us who have called ourselves professional music journalists look like clueless newbies, his SXSW is jam-packed with nuggety musical goodness, and when you’re done reading […]

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Useful Books for Teenage Writers

Reader and blogger Kevin Marks asks this question in one of the comment threads, and it’s something I think is worth throwing open to the general Whatever community (in other news: there is a Whatever community! Hello, you!): I’ve just signed up to take over the local Teenage Writers group at a local big bookstore. […]

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Interview, Review

Two links of note for today: 1. An interview of me by Jeff VanderMeer, in which I reveal my true, unalloyed soul, and talk about my heretofore undescribed line of children’s titles, “The Fuzzy Ferrets.” You won’t want to miss this. 2. A nice review of Old Man’s War in January Magazine. Nice to see […]

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