A Musical Friendpimp

My good friend John Anderson went to South by Southwest this year and wrote about it. Since John Anderson is the sort of music fanatic who makes even those of us who have called ourselves professional music journalists look like clueless newbies, his SXSW is jam-packed with nuggety musical goodness, and when you’re done reading his report, you’ll be well ahead of the crowd in terms of what’s going to be cool for the next year or two. Thus, you’ll be able to say “What, The Cribs? Who hasn’t heard of them?” to your would-be hipster friends, crushing their will to live and establishing yourself as the new music master. And that’s what life’s all about, friends. Yes, indeed.

4 Comments on “A Musical Friendpimp”

  1. I remember when my life semi-revolved around such things. Boy was I gratified when The Barenaked Ladies and Our Lady Peace finally made it semi-big. As much as I want to be nonchalant about the whole “I was into them first, man” I still get caught up in it from time to time.

    The Cribs, you say… hmmm…

  2. Six years I have lived here now, and the closest I’ve gotten to SXSW was having breakfast with Thomas last year before he headed off for the day’s events.

  3. Hey!That’s my brother!Congrats, John. Umm. That’s really all I had to say.