Appearances, Real and Virtual

More work than time today, so rather than posting something genuinely interesting, here are two places I will be appearing within the next week, one real, the other virtual.

Real: This Friday, 4/7/06, I’m the guest at the Greenville Public Library’s “Author Night,” at the Montage Cafe, 527 S. Broadway Street, Greenville, OH, starting at 7:30pm and going until about nine. I’ll do a reading of some sort and I understand there will also be music, too. So it should be fun. If you actually live within a couple hours of me, here’s your chance to meet me without the dog biting your head because you’ve stepped on the property.

Virtual: This Monday, 4/10/06, I’ll be the online chat guest of the Salt Lake City Public Library. The person who is co-ordinating the chat tells me it’ll be at 7pm Mountain time, but the Salt Lake City Tribune says I’m supposed to be there at noon. Just to be safe I’ll probably pop in at both times, but personally I would suggest the 7pm time as the right time to pop in.

For all your other stalking needs, I’ll be at Penguicon later this month, and then at Wiscon. After that I have no conventions or appearances planned until LAcon IV, but I suspect I will probably try to add in at least one other convention; possibly Confluence, because it’s reasonably close by. We’ll see what my schedule looks like.

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