A Book Appearance, Not My Own

A little friendpimping on a Saturday afternoon:

Tobias Buckell, author of the smokin’ hot novel Crystal Rain, is going to be making an appearance at Dayton’s Books & Co., the city’s premier place for author stop-ins, this Tuesday, April 18, between 7 and 9 pm.

I will not be able to attend, alas, as my wife has the temerity to have a birthday on the same day as the signing. But if you’re in the Dayton area, you should go: Toby’s always up for conversations on writing and SF and he’s an interesting fellow in general, so I’m sure he’ll make it worth your while to stop in and say hello. Here’s where Books & Co. is located, just in case you need directions.

As is my custom with pimping entries, I also now declare this entry to have a Self-Pimping comment thread: If you’ve got something you want people to know about, writing or otherwise, or if you want to promote something cool you’ve read, listened to or experienced, let it fly in the comments. Pimp, you crazy kids! Pimp!

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