A Book Appearance, Not My Own

A little friendpimping on a Saturday afternoon:

Tobias Buckell, author of the smokin’ hot novel Crystal Rain, is going to be making an appearance at Dayton’s Books & Co., the city’s premier place for author stop-ins, this Tuesday, April 18, between 7 and 9 pm.

I will not be able to attend, alas, as my wife has the temerity to have a birthday on the same day as the signing. But if you’re in the Dayton area, you should go: Toby’s always up for conversations on writing and SF and he’s an interesting fellow in general, so I’m sure he’ll make it worth your while to stop in and say hello. Here’s where Books & Co. is located, just in case you need directions.

As is my custom with pimping entries, I also now declare this entry to have a Self-Pimping comment thread: If you’ve got something you want people to know about, writing or otherwise, or if you want to promote something cool you’ve read, listened to or experienced, let it fly in the comments. Pimp, you crazy kids! Pimp!

12 Comments on “A Book Appearance, Not My Own”

  1. Anyone looking for fantastic music to read by ought to drop large sums of money on the music of Steve Roach, one of the leading practitioners of ambient electronic music in the business. Probably the best discs to put me in the zone when I’m ready to curl up with a good book are Early Man, The Magnificent Void or Somewhere Else.

    Not much new on updates at my site at the moment, though this coming week through the end of the month will see reviews of some exciting titles added. Vellum will be up before the week is out.

  2. Doppelganger, by Marie Brennan. First novel by an excellent writer. It’s the sort of story where so many things could make it bad, so trying to describe it falls short of what it actually is– you have a Hunter ninjaesque character and a witch who must kill her doppelganger to come to power, a slightly Japanese (though I picked up on it as generic Asian) structure in some places, and really great fight scenes. It doesn’t sound great, but so much is done with ideas that could go either way that it’s really a good book. The fight scenes, for example, could be just generic kicking of tail feathers, but are done well enough that I could follow them instead of catching up on who killed who a couple pages later.

  3. What to pimp? What to pimp?

    How about Elizabeth Moon’s newest, Engaging the Enemy. It’s book three in the Vatta’s War series.

    Or Wen Spencer’s Wolf Who Rules. That’s another good choice.

    Moon Called by Patricia Briggs was a good read.

  4. Come buy my bands CD… we are from Australia but have a US site to buy through CDBaby.com the leaders in indpendent Music to buy on line (or so they say!) Just look up Stover and the CD is called Experimental Project… not recommended to read by but if you like to jump up and maybe laugh at the silly lyrics.. then go for it… or drop by My Space and leave me a message…


  5. No doubt with the number of readers you have, I’m just one of several, considering the odds, but:
    Hey! That’s my birthday!

  6. because i can’t get enough of the bloggery, i’ve just started a new blog on mapping and taxonomy (and not primarily the internet sort, although that too) called “atlas(t)”. it’s at http://clairelight.typepad.com/atlast

    i also need to pimp my co-other magazine staffer jeremy smith’s new blog about being a stay-at-home dad called “daddy dialectic” (http://daddy-dialectic.blogspot.com/). we both blog also at other mag’s staff blog (http://www.othermag.org). jeremy’s new blog is smart and honest and not as frighteningly touchy-feely as one might suspect. he also admits to terminal ambivalence and even resentment, which is, frankly, what those of us childless, child-lovin’ folks *need* to hear from parents.

  7. All right, by golly, how can I resist?

    I sold very first Young Adult novel, The Secret in the Box, to G.P. Putnam. It comes out Fall 2007 and is hopefully the start of a series. I am just a wee bit excited about this.

  8. I was going to pimp myself, but today I’d rather pimp this guy:


    I just read Donorboy, his first novel, and re-read It Takes a Worried Man, which is about watching his wife go through stage four cancer treatment.

    Both are great, and I highly, highly recommend them.

  9. Since our kind host is in a self-pimping mood, I’d like to announce that you can read my SF novel “The Mars Run” for free at my website, http://www.PrivateMarsRocket.Net (click above for hotlink).

    If you like the novel, it’s for sale at Lulu.com. From the back cover:
    Eighteen-year-old Janet Pilgrim thought she was going to college. That was before Daddy went bankrupt. Now she’s going to Mars, not as a tourist, but as a working astronaut, “the lowest form of life in space.” Man may travel in space, but it is far from safe. Even training for space can get people killed, as Janet discovers. But as Janet discovers, the most dangerous thing in space is Man.

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