Daily Archives: April 18, 2006

A YA Thing

Marissa Lingen has some thoughts on my entry yesterday about ambitions, and puts it into the context of YA writing: And I’ve never taught physics grad students, and I’ve never written a doctoral-level monograph in history; but I would bet you good money that at least some of the difficulties in doing those things are […]

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Nuggets, 4/18/06

Various things I’m thinking of today: * Stephen Bainbridge passes along his thoughts about the dust-up between Donald Rumsfeld and the retired generals, which is a story which, aside from the schadenfreudesque fun it affords, is surprising me with its longevity. What makes Baingridge’s perspective interesting is that he’s looking at it from the perspective […]

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Dia de las Krissy

It’s my wife Kristine Blauser Scalzi’s birthday today. In my opinion, meeting her was one of the two best things ever to happen to me (the other being the birth of my daughter, which — as it happens — she was actively involved in as well), and there’s not a day that goes by where […]

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