Agent to the Stars is Dead; Long Live Agent to the Stars!

This day had to come — and it has: Subterranean Press has officially declared its run of Agent to the Stars out of print, on account of selling them all. Amazon has not yet put up its “only x copies left” sign, so it may be that they have a few more in stock, so if you want to get this edition of the book, you really really really really need to do it right now. Really, no kidding.

Authors are not usually pleased about their work going out of print less than a year after they’re published, but in this case I’m willing to make an exception. I like the idea that we’ve sold 1,500 of these babies, and almost purely online, since only a few copies made their way into brick and mortar stores (and then only at SF specialty stores and booksellers who sold at SF cons). This version of A2S has been a real unexpected success story for me; less surprising for Subterranean, I think, because Bill Schafer over there knows his business exceptionally well. It’s been a real pleasure working with him and Subterranean with this book, and should you ever be in the market for a hyper-competent smaller press, you know where I think you should go.

If you’ve missed out on this edition and wanted the book in print, well, there’s good news, and there’s news that, while not bad, is possibly less good.

The good news: I’ve signed with Tor Books — you’ve heard of them — to produce another print edition of Agent to the Stars.

The news that, while not bad, is possibly less good: Given how many things I’ve got going with Tor right now, the earliest this next edition of A2S will see the bookstore shelves is probably sometime in 2008. So while another print edition is on the way, uh, it’s going to be a while, folks.

Normally, waiting two years or more for the publication of a book is not something an author wants, of course. But given that I’ll be popping out three other books for Tor between now and then, I can hardly complain. So I won’t. These are the problems that as an author you want to have. Anyway, Agent will live again! Eventually. Huzzah!

But if you don’t want to wait at least two years for your own copy, run run run to Amazon. Who knows how long these last few Subterranean Press copies will last.

18 Comments on “Agent to the Stars is Dead; Long Live Agent to the Stars!”

  1. I did a quick check on eBay and there are some 11 eBay stores with copies available, in case Amazon runs out.

    …no, none of those are mine, thank you very much.

  2. I just recently received my copy (826/1500), that I ordered along with Your not Fooling Anyone…. Since they sold all 1500. I strongly suspect they did not sell them in numerical order.

  3. I just finished copy 909, from Amazon. What a fun read! Thanks! Any chance of seeing more from that universe? Was the talking a dog a nod to Spyder Robinson?

  4. As I said before elsewhere, I was thrilled to find that the copy of ATTS I bought was part of the Subterranean Press limited signed edition (1140 of 1500).

    Just finished it. LOOOOOVED IT. I laughed. I cried. I told Mickey Rooney to shut the fuck up.

    But really. Wonderful book.

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