Androids and Zombies

A couple of things to get you through Friday:

First, wondering what the cover of my next novel will look like? Wonder no more:

No, that’s not the actual book the cover’s wrapped around; it’s on the SFBC version of The Ghost Brigades. The actual book for The Android’s Dream is still several months away (although, of course, you can pre-order it now).

I like this cover. It’s got sheep!

Second, Jonathan Coulton cracks me the hell up. “Re: Your Brains” is a great song that combines all the brain-freezing terror of a zombie attack with the mind-numbing banality of a conference call. You can’t go wrong, here. You just can’t. (If you can’t get the “listen to this” button to work on that page, you can probably get it work here.) Buy some of his mp3s, why don’t you.

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