Androids and Zombies

A couple of things to get you through Friday:

First, wondering what the cover of my next novel will look like? Wonder no more:


No, that’s not the actual book the cover’s wrapped around; it’s on the SFBC version of The Ghost Brigades. The actual book for The Android’s Dream is still several months away (although, of course, you can pre-order it now).

I like this cover. It’s got sheep!

Second, Jonathan Coulton cracks me the hell up. “Re: Your Brains” is a great song that combines all the brain-freezing terror of a zombie attack with the mind-numbing banality of a conference call. You can’t go wrong, here. You just can’t. (If you can’t get the “listen to this” button to work on that page, you can probably get it work here.) Buy some of his mp3s, why don’t you.

27 Comments on “Androids and Zombies”

  1. Maybe they are electric sheep, just wireless. Makes me think of a King Crimson song from an alternate universe: “21st Century Bluetooth Lambs.”

  2. I think that’s my favorite Scalzi cover yet. It looks like it could be a litfic or chicklit cover. Can’t wait for the book inside.


  3. I must say thank you. I never mentioned it before, but when you linked to “Skullcrusher Mountain” on By the Way, it eventually led to us buying the CD it’s on. I love Jonathan Coulton!

  4. Scot B:

    “Isn’t that a little dangerously close to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

    Dangerously? No. Intentionally? Well, yes.

  5. You know, someone else beat me to it, but that’s a very “mainstream” cover… just the sort of thing that you’ve been talking about. I wonder if this means someone is listening?

  6. David Klecha:

    “I wonder if this means someone is listening?”

    Yes, both Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Irene Gallo, who is the art director for Tor, allowed me to give my thoughts on the cover (my general opinions; I did not suggest this particular direction because I figure Irene knows her job better than I do).

  7. John, thanks for the Jonathan Coulton recommendation. I really love “Re Your Brains.” What a great song. I listened to just a couple others; “Code Monkey” is brilliant and “The Presidents” is good, but I didn’t feel as compelled to buy either, as I did with “Brains.”

    It looks from previous comments as if maybe you’ve mentioned “Skullcrusher Mountain” before, but I missed that. Are there any others of his songs that really stand out?

  8. I love the color. It is just going to beam out from the displays in the book stores. People will find it irresitable.
    I bet it would be amazing under black lights. :-)

  9. Awesome cover, John. I’m clutching my Canadian bucks in my hand waiting for my chance to buy it.

    Now I’m going to get just a wee bit fangirly over Coulton, which is all John’s fault for including that link to Skullcrusher Mountain on his other blog ages back. He’s got a MySpace page that streams several of his songs here. Steve, I also recommend these songs for the Coulton newbie to get an idea of his range. He’s not just about the funny lyrics, although those are brilliant, too.

    * First of May (I’m waiting for the appropriate Disney video — OK, maybe not)

    * Screwed (bitter love song, beautiful melody, mass of historical and fictional allusions)

    * Gambler’s Prayer (bitter gambling song, anti-friendship, beautiful melody)

    * When You Go (a gorgeous Thing a Week from a couple of weeks back, not funny, just sincere)

    * Mandelbrot Set (one of the best math songs ever, recently set to video by some high school students)

    And if you caught The Daily Show this past Tuesday when John Hodgman was on as their Resident Expert, you heard him namecheck Coulton as the winner of an essay contest. That song fragment played was more original Coulton and he was in the audience that night. If you missed it, scroll down to April 26 and 25 in Coulton’s blog (the first link John posted) to his two posts about it, which include links to official and unofficial videos and mp3s.

  10. RE: Jonathan Coulton. Skullcrusher Mountain is great, of course. I like The Future Soon for sheer pop goodness, and I can’t remember the title of the song (Betty and Me?), but the line “Betty says they’re working on a baby every night” cracks me up every. single. time.

    And Ikea is fun, and has the brilliant rhyme of “Norsemen” and “divorced men”. :)

  11. Hey John, I just want to add my thanks for linking to Coulton’s music. ‘Re Your Brains’ is great. I liked it so much it’s the first mp3 purchase I’ve made online. Hooray for technology!


  12. Wow, that Jonathan Coulton is just great–Fountains of Wayne meets They Might Be Giants. And the guy can sing.

    For a great rockabilly song, try “Madelaine.”

  13. Okay for one thing not all teen writers suck some are naturally talented I would be naive if I was saying I was but just like some are natural artist and some are natural musician there are some natural writers… I’m not saying anything against what has been said because most teen writers do suck but even adults need to learn to take a step back and really think about what your saying

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