High Gear

I say stuff like this from time to time and then promptly ignore it; neverthless, here I go again:

I’m to the point where I need to ramp up writing production on The Last Colony, which is the third book in the “Old Man” sequence, which means that there may be a corresponding reduction in output here for a while. I think it’s a good thing to post daily, but you may find the entries shorter for a while. Now again, having said that, I’m sure I’ll ignore it entirely and write novel-length entries because I’m just that stupid. But I like covering my bases. If you do notice I seem to be writing short over the next several weeks, well, now you know why.

6 Comments on “High Gear”

  1. No big. I let my blog go days and days without an update. Of course, it doesn’t have 15K daily readers hanging on its every word, so the incentive is less intense.

    The book comes first.

  2. My wife and I look forward to the return of John Perry, which I think you mentioned in a previous post.

    He was a great character.

  3. “The ‘Old Man’ sequence”? Are you going to be like Spider Robinson and claim, loudly, “I have NOT written a trilogy!”? :-)

    Well, whether it’s a trilogy, sequence, series, or what have you, I wanna read it, so I can understand if you have to spend time writing it first…

  4. Well, it’s going to be three books, so clearly it’s a trilogy (unless I write a fourth book, in which case it’ll be a tetralogy. But there are no plans for that).

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