Daily Archives: May 1, 2006

Colbert, Soup, Piss

A question from a reader*: I’d be interested in reading your thoughts on Stephen Colbert’s performance at the White House Correspondant’s Association Dinner. In particular, the way that a decent portion of the media seems to feel that Colbert was completely out of line (as opposed to GWB looking around the Oval Office for WMDs, […]

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As You Know, Bob

Strange Horizons editor Jed Hartman has a very amusing entry on the art and craft of the infodump, which in the real world is usually called “exposition,” but we in science fiction call it something different because we’re special, you see. Science fiction has a pronounced tendency toward infodumps, if for no other reason that […]

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Early Notice

The other day SF editor and anthologist Jonathan Strahan commented on his blog about the cover art to The Android’s Dream and wondered, “is this a move away from the more overtly Heinleinesque territory of his first two novels? I’ll be curious to see.” So I sent him the first chapter to look at. You […]

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