A Poll.

Because I just want to see if this works here.

[poll temporarily removed — it’s causing some problems. You can see it here]

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  1. What isn’t great with Honey Butter? I mean really, it’s the kind of team player that makes the OTHER players better.

  2. Indeed, very wise. He shall be our new god.


    So how many people out there were ACTUALLY concieved by their parents? Five?

  3. So, how do we change our vote, or are we all just supposed to vote until our fingers wear down to little nubby bits.


  4. You can’t change your vote once you’ve cast it, as far as I know.

  5. Because you are using frames, the entry remains full sized even though the poll questions are smaller, leaving a large blank entry with white space. It would be better implimented with Ajax, which would allow dynamic resizing and would not require a frame.

    Actually, now that I look at it, you are using an AOL poll thing of some type. I guess it is as good as it gets not creating your own.

    I would create my own if it was something that would be used often. I love Ruby on Rails for dynamic content, but to each his own.

  6. So, is Jim right? Is the poll an AOL thing? So it’s only usable by AOL members? Because I’d love to have polling capability for my blog.

  7. I read your blog through bloglines, where I only saw the title and the enigmatic introductory sentence. I, too, found the white space below the poll unexpected. Once I’d taken the poll, of course, it all made sense. Ah, like so much of life. Once you know, you know.

  8. There should have been a “Mildly disturbed that the past two entries accurately used pee and poop as extended metaphors for completely unrelated things” option.

  9. Jim:

    “I would create my own if it was something that would be used often. I love Ruby on Rails for dynamic content, but to each his own.”

    I am as likely to code my own poll as I am to construct a Formula One racer out of Graham crackers, so this is a reasonable solution for me. I had a choice of either having extra space before one takes the quiz or having the results scroll afterward; next time I’ll try it the other way and see how it looks.

    Dave Munger:

    It is an AOL thing, and I think they’ll be making it available for non-AOLers as well. Right now it’s in beta. I may be the first person to use it outside of the AOL environment, although don’t quote me on that.

  10. What? No option to vote for “get back to work you cat vacuuming sod! I want a new book!” ?


    Are you coming to Madison this year, Mr. Scalzi?

  11. So does it use any sort of IP or MAC filtering, or can I sit here with a third-rate MAC address spoofer and subvert the democratic process?

  12. Mr. Munger, there are (conservatively) six zillion makers of free polling whatsits for blogs on the interwebs, so there’s no need to bind oneself to the one our host displays here. Google “free polling software.”

    I would have voted for “I doubt your interest is sincere” but I didn’t want to cast aspersions on Mr. Scalzi. So I selected the honey butter option.

  13. Uh? Don’t know yet. Where is the “all of the above” question?
    Actually I now decide that if I wake up I will have a good day. (When you’ve been in a coma for a month waking up is a good start)
    I have a good day because I choose to no matter what crap decides to cling to the bottom of my shoe

  14. Any one else start thinking of “The Todd” from Scrubs when they read that answer? :)

    The Todd is happy to fill you. If you want to call it “nameless dread,” that’s fine with The Todd.

  15. FYI: The cookie seems to be of the 24-hour variety (or something like that). My page is showing the survey again today, so I can vote again on the same machine.

    Just in case you want to use this for a real purpose one day…

  16. It’s still not reset on my browser, so I can’t explain that, other than to ask if you’re looking at it with a different browser.

  17. Might be a dynamic IP address. If you’re using dialup to connect, the ISP assigns a new one at random each time.

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