I think I may have over-caffeinated just now. That’ll teach me. Actually, probably it won’t. I think that may be a problem. Let me have another Coke and ponder it.

Fun fact: I didn’t type this entry, I just let my fingers twitch over the keyboard. It’s true.

18 Comments on “Uh-Oh.”

  1. Liquify is John’s friend. Last summer I had a fistful of pictures of the kids from the digi-cam and they watched in horror as one by one I ‘Liquified’ their little faces and bugged their eyes and drooped their cheeks. Oddly enough, the horns were already there…

  2. I was going to make a crack about how you were clearly avoiding a deadline, but I’ve reconsidered, as you’d clearly respond by devouring my soul.

  3. I don’t have a deadline until the end of the month. I’m golden, baby.

  4. If you had to pick one book out of all of your works that would be best for someone new to you(but not to sci-fi) to read, what would it be?

  5. Either Old Man’s War or Agent to the Stars would work; the former for people who like military science fiction, and the latter for those who don’t.

  6. Call me shallow, but I always like seeing a desk as messy as mine. (Well, almost as messy.)

    Are you getting kickbacks for Diet Coke product placements?

  7. Quick, everyone drink lots of caffeine so we can produce lots of light bulbs and discover BrainPal in four turns!

  8. Everyone thinks those are light blubs, but they’re actually mushroom clouds.

  9. Great Pic. It almost looks like it’s been photoshopped, the transformation of your face is so extreme.

    But you’ve always been able to handle your caffeine (as anyone who was there for that picture taken on the roof of the Webb old infirmary knows)

    I think its the switch to DIET Coke.
    It aint sugar in there, man.
    Its not even good old corn syrup.
    Its sumpin’ else.

  10. Oh that’s not a messy desk. (1) I can see actual square centimeters of horizontal surface. (2) The stack of papers and books isn’t leaning against and blocking the cooling ports of a pair of minitower PCs, so isn’t in the slightest danger of falling over and (3) the pile isn’t high enough to either (4) register on the Richter scale if it falls over or (5) causing great bodily harm.

    Now this is a messy desk.

    Dr. Phil

  11. Yeah, that picture is really freaking me out. It’s not the mushroom clouds, it’s the black saucer eyes.

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