Why I Dig My AOL Gig

Because it gives me an excuse to do things like this:

It’s for this entry, incidentally.

But I think I’ll use it for my next author photo. Because it’s just so me.

In the meantime, it’s the new picture for my 404 page.

14 Comments on “Why I Dig My AOL Gig”

  1. Wow, this is the perfect opportunity for me to ask a question that bubbled into my head the other day. How much control do you have over your author photo? I thought the one in OMW was, well, too severe and serious-looking — esp. when I saw your fabulous pic on the aol blog (the one with you and your daughter). I think I would have wanted to use one more like that, if it were me, but maybe you felt you needed to look serious and macho for a big war book. I only have the book club edition of TGB, so I don’t know what the author photo looks like on the regular version (but I recall seeing a post that indicated it was different, that they reused OMW photo on TGB book club edition). Anyway, there it is. I’m just curious and harbor no ill will toward your serious author photo. It’s just that the other photo is so delightful…but maybe I’m projecting my own preoccupation with taking cute photos of my daughter…

    Wow, that was a lot of babble. Sorry about that.

    Love and kisses,


  2. I gave them the pictures in question, so I’m the one responsible. I like the photos, myself. They amuse me.

  3. So I guess these sorts of postings were predictable when you wrote the other day “I will posting less here”. At 1000 words per picture, it helps keep the numbers up. And keeps you in practice for when the deadline gets really close or something.

    Hello? Don’t you have a book to finish??

  4. You can always tell when Scalzi’s on a deadline, no?

    :-) I clean out my hotmail account. Too poor for PhotoShop, and never could sort out the GIMP. But give me a two-week backlog of newsletters and promotional emails and I’m occupied for hours of what would otherwise be dangerously productive time.

    Maybe you should do an open thread on all the ways we writers whistle through the graveyard of deadlines.

  5. 2 questions:

    1) Is that a cranberry bog behind you and the Beast?

    2) They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How big a pic would you have to come up with to equal the space that 1000 words would normally fill?

    You don’t have to answer either of these…

  6. Hey i am also a Photoshop user. hehe!
    Check out the company i service, where there is a couple of 3D imaging done by me….

    Pls comments..haha.

    Oh…forget 2 include the website link…luckly i click on Preview 1st….

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