DSL Issues and Ice Cream Haiku

I’m having connection issues today (I’m typing this by using my cell phone as a modem. Hey! This cell phone thingie does seem to come in handy). I’ll be back when they get resolved. In the meantime, here’s an open thread for you. I suggest you fill it with Haiku about your favorite ice cream flavor.

Cherry Garcia
Jerry had diabetes
That’s some irony.

See? Easy. Your turn.

38 Comments on “DSL Issues and Ice Cream Haiku”

  1. Rocky Road tastes fine.
    Like snow on sugar gravel
    Chocolate cover’d.


    (To scan properly, pronounce chocolate so that it has 3 syllables.)

  2. Oh, Chubby Hubby
    So salty sweet, but shamef’ly
    Your name could be mine.

    Don’t real haikus have to mention one of the four seasons? I thought there was a different name for a seasonless haiku.

  3. Harry, according to Wikipedia, a haiku should contain a word or phrase “descriptive of the season in which the [poem] is set.” So, falling leaves, snow, heat, sun, &c.


  4. Harry: Yes — there should be some seasonal reference for it to be a true haiku. I think most people informally recogize a 5-7-5 poem as a haiku, however.

    (yes, I’m still having DSL problems. I’m on the phone with the tech people as we speak.)

  5. Vibrant greens emergeChinatown Ice Cream Fact’ryGreen Tea Ice Cream mmmmmLychee and Red BeanChinatown Ice Cream Fact’ry
    Cool treat beats the heat

    Durian GingerChinatown Ice Cream Fact’ryChoc’late exotic?

    Any guesses my favorite place to go for a scoop?

    I scream you scream weall scream for Chinatown IceCream Fact’ry ice cream

  6. olddog299 – Short, fat, ugly troll seeks bridge to haunt and folks needing molesting of the mind. Beware climate change as the Orcs are again ascendant.

    Chunky Monkey
    for a sugar-rich meal,
    instant napping…

  7. Yo, Tin Roof ice cream;
    While your name is metallic
    You taste like da bomb

  8. Okay, since there’s supposed to be a seasonal reference in a haiku:

    Blue Bell Tin Roof — yum!
    But only there at certain
    Times of the year. Damn.

  9. Damn. You’ve got me going…

    Coffee in springtime
    Cool breeze with pale flowers
    Starbucks in sweet cream

    Coffee in summer
    Drips off cone onto fingers
    And floor for dog treat.

    Coffee in autumn
    Brings the chills somewhat sooner.
    It’s okay by me.

  10. Shit! I can’t decide.
    One each: Peanut Butter, Mint
    Chip, Goo-Goo Cluster.

  11. Ghirardelli chips
    with boysenberry sorbet
    leave few syllables.

    And that’s all I’m saying on that: I used to be a short poem addict. Timprov and I wrote several gross of limericks in a fortnight in college, and haiku were nearly as bad shortly thereafter. So I am entirely on the wagon for limericks, and I keep strict limitations on my haiku output.

  12. This will be tricky for those of us whose favorite ice cream flavor is more than 17 syllables long!

    Fortunately, I do not think many of us are in this category.

    Slowly spinning cone:
    sun racing with the eater
    for butter pecan

  13. Corina – I'm a Green School parent and am working at a training start-up based in Bali called Audit Moose.

    mint cookies and cream
    but I really wish they made
    just plain mint ice cream

  14. Patrick Johanneson – Canada, eh – Patrick Johan­neson writes sci­ence fic­tion and fan­tasy, works elbow-deep in WordPress code, teaches judo, and volunteers at a small indie cin­ema. He lives in Man­i­toba with his wife Kathleen.

    Velvet Dip soft serve,
    only available in
    summer: what a treat.

  15. flavor explosion
    gelato ruined me for
    American treats

    handmade is better
    but from a big grocery store
    Godiva will do

  16. oops, meant to fix that to:

    handmade is better
    but from a grocery store
    Godiva will do

    darn groce-ry/groc-er-y

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