Fiddle, Fiddle

All right, I suspect my router might have gone bad, on account that if I jam the cord that comes out of the DSL modem into either computer, it works just fine, whereas if I put it back into the router, I get nothing. I’m going to fiddle with this a bit more; you may or may not see me here during the rest of the day.

Incidentally, while I was speaking to the nice Sprint representative about the problem, he was helping me reconfigure the PC box; which imvolved opening a DOS prompt, fidding with various settings and then sacrificing a chicken to the angry computer gods. When I put the DSL line into the Mac, all I had to do was enter a user name and a password. Score one for the Macs.

Anyway. Have fun with the rest of your day. Have you done an ice cream haiku yet?

5 Comments on “Fiddle, Fiddle”

  1. Pffft! DOS prompts are for dabblers, the Mac GUI for the unenlightened, and chicken sacrifices are SO 20th century. The true master of unholy technomancy speaks only Words of Power, viz., UNIX command line programs. How else can you bind, summon, and dispatch daemons with the simple typing of an incomprehensible phrase?

  2. How else? By writing the Daemons yourself. In assembly. Don’t like it? That’s where your reasoning leads…

  3. I’m working on it. Unfortunately, so far the resultant daemons tend to be unstable, even by daemonic standards, and need to be put down with powerful firearms.

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