Take Me Out, Etc., Etc.

Athena’s baseball season began today, and I believe she’s in the “let’s feel good about ourselves” league, because in this variation of baseball, the entire side gets to bat, the coach pitches, and everyone is out on the field whether they need to be or not. I’m not entirely sure they even keep score. I don’t actually have a problem with this, mind you — at this age and level of coordination, it’s probably for the best that the kids playing focus on things like learning to hit and throw and run as opposed to freaking out about winning or losing. On the other hand, it does make for a crowded infield.

Case in point: there are four little girls playing between second and third base (not to mention a couple who are further down in the infield). I think there are 15 little girls on Athena’s team, which means you have six additional bodies on the field (actually seven, as there is a coach pitching to the batters). At least they’re small bodies (the little girls, that is; the coaches are pretty much normal size).

Athena did pretty well at the plate; she got a single in the first inning and a double in the second (and that was as many innings as they had time for — funny how the innings go long when everyone gets to bat and there are, like, ten strikes before an out is called). Athena’s good with the hitting, not so much with the running; she doesn’t so much run as stroll. She either needs to learn to speed up or develop such a mighty swing that she gets home runs every time she gets to the plate. Really, either would work.

The good news is that she generally seems to be having fun playing, and at this point that’s the right goal for her to have. And it makes for a nice Saturday morning.

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