Daily Archives: May 8, 2006

Now You Know

Why? “President Bush’s approval rating has slumped to 31% in a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, the lowest of his presidency and a warning sign for Republicans in the November elections.” Because. “President Bush told a German newspaper his best moment in more than five years in office was catching a big perch in his own […]

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Heinlein Centennial

Some appearance news: I have been offered and have very happily accepted an invitation to be an honored guest at the Robert A. Heinlein Centennial, which will take place July 6 – 8, 2007 in Kansas City. As the title of the event suggests, it is a celebration of RAH’s 100th birthday (which falls on […]

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Amazon Rankings and Non-Fiction

A question from the Nebula Award Winners thread: John: Congrats that the paperback version of OMW is now in the top 600 in terms of Amazon sales rank. I have a question about your non-fiction books, though. I read Rough Guide to the Universe and thought it was great. And my boyfriend has promised me […]

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