Part of me feels young as ever. Part of me is not so sure. Part of me wants a pony.

All of me is 37 today.

And I’m off. You kids have fun with the rest of your day. I plan to.

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  1. Happy Birthday my love. Just wanted to remind you that my love for you burns with the hot white intensity of thousand suns.
    See you tonight!

  2. Good thing to add “the wife” to the sig so no one thinks that you’re a stalker.

    Happy Birthday. Me, I like you ok but it’s not even red hot. How about “I like you with the warmth of fresh toast.”

  3. Have a good birthday. Don’t let the Scalzi clones hog all the cake and ice cream. Remember – they’ll think it’s their birtday today as well.

  4. Happy birthday and many happy returns John! I think I will give you a birthday present in the form of contributing to your royalties check by purchasing OMW today.

  5. Congrats!

    You should keep me around for no other reason than I can make you feel young! Thirtyseven ain’t nothing. Watch what you eat and you’ll be fit and healthy for many more years to come.

  6. John, since I’m sure you’ve discussed it before, could you or someone point me to where you explain how you do pictures like this? I’m assuming it’s an SLR shutter speed thing, and not just photoshopping, right? Or is it just you combinging three separate photos using GIMP or Photoshop or the like?

  7. No, it’s just Photoshopping, and a camera on a tripod. When I do pictures like this, I tend to use my little Kodak digital camera and not the Nikon, because the Kodak is very light and won’t move on the tripod as much, which is useful for putting three separate pictures together. Then just set the auto-timer and you’re ready to go.

  8. Petey says Happy Birfday!

    (which is pretty impressive, given his lack of lips)

  9. Happy Birthday, Mr. Scalzi.

    My own 34th was just a few days ago, which is yet another thing that we have in common.

    The other being that we both love your books.


  10. Have a good one, John – I’m coming up on 37 myself in a few months, and I intend to follow your example by writing a couple of best sellers and learning to do cartwheels before I get there. Guess I’d better get busy…

  11. Happy birthday, dude! Long live the Scalzi dynasty, and, uhh, empire.

    As an aside, is it just me or is that photo’s constrast high?

  12. I’ll give you a 9.75 on your cartwheel. Good form and extension.

    For some reason, I thought we were the same age, but I’m only going to be 36 this year, so neener neener.

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!!!
    You still have many more years of not knowing how you feel from one moment to the next.
    Hope you have a great day.

  14. Impressive leg extension considering you are wearing jeans. But you have to point your toes!

  15. Happy birthday John.

    Jeez, what can a fan say after the thread starts off with burning love the intensity of a thousand suns? The warm toast comment seemed too crummy. How about something like: May extremely few sick camels vomit in your sock drawer today.



  17. I believe 37 entitles you to go & yell at kids to get off your damn lawn.

    Beware the ear hair.

  18. Huh. Don’t think I ever knew before that you’re exactly seven months older than I am.

    You did that just to watch the moon landing, didn’t you?

  19. You make me feel very old. All of my 5 children are older than you. Oh well, enjoy it while you can!

  20. Happy Birthday! And to celebrate, I just ordered Ghost Brigades (Old Man’s War was great reading, thank you)

  21. Happy b-day John. The photo was cracking me up. Kind of reminds me of Will Ferrell as Craig the cheerleader on SNL.

    I think a survey should be conducted acroos all genres of writers (SF, YA, Romance, memoir, erotica, self-help etc.) to find the percentage of memebers of each group who can do cartwheels. This survey would be groundbreaking in that it would show us absolutely nothing, but would be lots ‘o fun.

    Let’s begin:

    SF writers – 100% (n=1)

  22. To comfort the aging, friends keep telling me “but 40s the new 30!”. Congratulations on the start of your journey toward the “new 30”. As I creep closer to 40 myself a full year ahead of you, I’ll let you know if that statement holds any truth.

  23. Happy birthday!

    Today is my daughter’s 24th birthday.


    My oldest kid is 37 — in fact he’ll be 38 in September. Somehow he managed to pass me a few years ago because I’m sure that I’m only in my early thirties. (Even though I celebrated my 63rd birthday a week and a half ago, I’m really sure that I can only be in my early thirties because surely I can’t be getting old…)

  24. Happy birthday!

    _.o o`\\\\
    (“_ ))))
    ‘—‘ (((( .=,
    ) )))___.-“”-./=;\\\
    / ((( \ ))))
    ; | |//
    /\ | | ((
    ( \ /__.-‘\ / )
    / /` | / \ \ |
    / / \ ; \ (\ (
    \\_ || || ||
    \_] || || ||
    jgs /_

    (Er, I can’t tell from preview if that’s going to post right. But, um, it’s a pony.)

  25. Well, rats. Last time I try to put ASCII art into someone’s blog comments. ::wanders off, looking embarrassed::

  26. Yes, indeed.. have a Happy Birthday.
    Sorry so late- you know that time difference and all..

  27. Err..uh, yeah, but I’m not Anonymous..
    Indeed. Anyway have a great birthday..


  28. As I say every year in the May 10th comment thread….

    You say its your birthday…..it’s my birthday too!

    Have a great 37th. I’m only 33 :)

  29. Happy Birthday, John! I get to hit the big 37 in November.

    I’d like to think that the whole “40 is the new 30” thing is true. I’ve also heard that 40 is where life begins. If the latter is true, we still have three more years to spend in “tryouts.”

  30. That’s alright Naomi.
    The same thing happens to ponies when you try to ship them through the mail.

  31. It’s getting them through the slot at the post office that’s the hard part.

  32. Have a very, very happy birthday, Mr. Scalzi, and many, many more!

    I need to ask for a bit of a favor… if you could email to me your contact info (address/email/phone) to put into the Philcon (www.philcon.org) guest list, so that we can be sure that you get invited as a panelist for this year, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

  33. Oops. John, please delete that last post from me (and this one too, if you feel like it); I was testing to see if there was a way to get monotype font in the comments for that ASCII artist up there, and I accidentally posted instead of previewed. :-\

  34. Interesting. MT is very draconian in which HTML tags it allows through. It’s perfectly happy with <em> and <b>, but it just strips <code> and <tt> right out of the source. Looks like the Whatever is doomed to be forever devoid of monotype ASCII art.

  35. “I’m 37!”
    “I’m 37. I’m not old!”
    “Well – I can’t just say: “Hey, Man!”
    “Well you could say: ‘Dennis'”
    “I didn’t know you were called Dennis.”
    “You didn’t bother to find out, did you?”

    Happy belated birthday, John. I’m sure if Krissy and Athena had anything to say about it, you had a wonderful day.

  36. I celebrated your birthday by ordering a copies of “Questions for a Soldier” and “Agent to the Stars.” Hurry up and write something else so I can get you some more royalties for Christmas.

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