Daily Archives: May 10, 2006


Part of me feels young as ever. Part of me is not so sure. Part of me wants a pony. All of me is 37 today. And I’m off. You kids have fun with the rest of your day. I plan to.

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Specials, Plus Free Pimp Zone

As long as I’m on the subject of books, Scott Westerfeld’s latest kick-ass book Specials was officially released yesterday and is kicking ass in the Amazon rankings (it’s at #270 as I write this). The simple reason for this: Scott writes the YA you wish you could have had when you were a young adult: […]

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Your Wednesday Author Interview is Live

The first of my Wednesday Author Interviews is up over at By The Way: I’m interviewing Chris Roberson about his new book Paragaea, which came out last week. Check it out. Or, you know, I’ll cry. Also check out Paragaea itself, because it’s fun as hell. Also, if you’re an author who has a book […]

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