Whatever & Mac Firefox

Someone who reads the Whatever via the latest version of Firefox for the Mac says he’s having trouble bringing up the page on his browser over the last day or so. If you’re reading this on Mac, and have the latest version of Firefox, could you fire up Firefox and see if you have any problems? Specifically this problem:

It doesn’t load completely–it appears to stop loading about 25% of the way through–and it completely locks up any window it’s being loaded inside of. If The Whatever is loaded as one of several simultaneous tabbed windows, it becomes impossible to switch to any of the other tabs or close them individually. If a new “The Whatever” tab is added to a window already full of tabs, again, the whole window and all the tabs become frozen and unusable. The only thing that works is closing the whole window.

I view the Whatever through the latest version Firefox for Mac myself, and I’ve not noticed any problems, but if enough people are having a similar problem, I need to check out what it might be. Let me know. Thanks.

Update: I think the problem might have been related to the polls I had up. I’ve pulled them temporarily (i.e., until they fall off the front page), although I left links to where they can still be viewed. Those of you who noted a problem, let me know if that fixes it for you.