Testing Something (Again)

I’m checking to see if this works. Let me know if you can see it or if it causes you problems pulling up the page.

Update: Okay, I’ve pulled it. Seems like it runs automatically rather than waiting for you to run it, and I don’t see why you would want that.

(This is what it is, incidentally — a video of me and Athena doing the “Mentos+Coke” thing via AOL’s new UnCut Video beta.)

I’ll fiddle with it some more and see where it gets me.

11 Comments on “Testing Something (Again)”

  1. Come on John, the least you could have done was spring for a bottle of regular Coke to teach your daughter about the value of ‘controls’ in experiments….

  2. If my boss ever farms out the Safety Training for his chemistry classes to me again, I’m gonna show this video to demonstrate the Extreme Importance of Wearing Goggles When Mixing, Well, Anything. (You’d think the scars from the sodium hydroxide burns on his hands and wrists would make a sufficient object lesson for the kids, but noooo….)

  3. if you use youtube.com for your video you can embed the player on your page and it won’t play until someone clicks the big play button

  4. I’m aware of that, thanks. I was testing the UnCut Video for other purposes.

  5. Please don’t take this the wrong way– I promise I’m not a skeevie creep– but you have quite possibly the cutest kid ever.

    And that really WAS Awesome.

    There’s a related project you might want to try that I used to do with summer camp kids. We had them build little fizz-powered rockets.

    First, you take a film canister and decorate it up like a rocketship using construction paper (making sure you don’t block access to the cap). Then you fill it about a quarter to half full of water. Drop in an Alkaseltzer tab; snap the cap on; flip it over; stand way back. It usually takes a few seconds to start working (certainly enough time to get out of range of the exploding fizz), but the takeoff is pretty fantastic.

  6. For your beta testing information…
    When I linked to the other page in my Firefox browser, the video didn’t load. When I switched to an IE tab in Firefox, it worked.

  7. Analee: I don’t think you need fear being taken as skeevy; Athena’s cuteness has been discussed here before. (Phrases such as “as a button” came up.)

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