Two More Motivational Posters

Yeah, I’m having too much fun with this.


That’s it for me today. You all drive home safely, now.

Professionally Photographed

Ooooooh. A week ago, Official US Playstation Magazine paid for a photographer to come out and take pictures of me, an event I thought auspicious for two reasons: One, it suggested OPM wasn’t going to dump me from its roster any time soon, because if they were, why would they pay someone to photograph me, and two, hey, professional photos of me! Neat.

Now the photographer has posted some of the pictures from that session, and I think you should all go over to the photoset and see how much better I look when someone who actually knows what she’s doing is snapping the photos. There are several there that make me look like an actual author type, and, of course, me being me, a couple that don’t. Knowing the perverse nature of the OPM folks, I’d guess they’d probably pick one of the latter. Maybe I can get Tor to pick up one of the former.

Incidentally, allow me to take a moment to recommend the photographer in question, E. Hardesty of E Hardesty Photography. Not only did she take really excellent pictures of me (a feat in itself), and was a lot of fun to take pictures with, but before she came to shoot me, she read up on me and planned accordingly and brought me pie. And not just any pie — truly excellent sweet potato pie. Man, she had me at “hello.” She could have suggested that rubbing red-hot charcoal bricquettes on my face would make a better picture and I would have done it.

In any event, if you’re in Ohio and need portraits, or wedding photography or any other sort of photo needs, now you know who I suggest you contact. I can’t promise she’ll bring you pie, but I can say I expect she’ll make you look good.

Wiscon Schedule

I’ll be at the Wiscon science fiction and fantasy convention next weekend, and if you want to see me blather on endlessly in a place other than the Governor’s Lounge, this is where to do it:

Saturday, 10:00-11:15 a.m. in Conference Room 5
Chick Lit and Chick Flicks—Legitimate Genres or Marketing Ghettos?

“Chick Lit” and “Chick Flicks” are terms that are thrown around a lot in advertising and other media and are often used negatively. Are there any legitimate uses of the terms? Is this just another way for a male–dominated society to disparage works that address the lives and concerns of women?

Panelists: John M. Scalzi, Linda McAllister, BC Holmes, Alma Alexander, Lee Abuabara

Notes: I’m on this panel, I imagine, because of my film background, and because you should have at least one guy on a panel like this, and this time it gets to be me.

Saturday, 1:00-2:15 p.m. in Conference Room 5
Does Your Baby Make You Smarter?

The needs of small children can hinder creative production. On the other hand, they can show us new ways to look at the world and ourselves.

Panelists: John M. Scalzi, James F. Minz, Naomi Kritzer, Kira Franz, Pat Cadigan

Notes: Being the stay-at-home parent in our family, I naturally think this is a good fit for me. I’ll be moderating this panel.

Sunday, 1:00-2:15 p.m. in Senate A
Naked–Eye Astronomy

For most of history, what people knew of the skies was what they could see with their own eyes—but many of them knew there were patterns in what they were seeing. (Asimov said that science grew out of the need to predict eclipses.) What can we see without instruments (maybe allowing binoculars) and without driving for hours to get away from artificial light? Planets, meteor showers, comets, artificial satellites—and where to find out about them.

Panelists: George Zebrowski, Linda Susan Shore, John M. Scalzi, Chip Hitchcock

Notes: Neat! This could be a lot of fun. I’ll be moderating this one as well.

Aside from this I will be doing the usual “float about in the lobby, panels and parties” thing. If you see me, be sure to say hello.

Why I Don’t Get Hired to Write Motivational Posters

That about sums it up.

Oh, and look, I made another one:

(You can make your own “motivational poster” here.)