Pictures from the Scalzi Compound

Because I’ve been too busy writing The Last Colony to write something here today. Today’s scene involved a sorghum field! Aren’t you excited.

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  1. Wow! Sorghum! The *real* meaning of the S in SF.

    I can’t wait for The Last Colony if it features sorghum! I know the chinese make wine out of it.

    Hey, is sorghum a grass or a legume?


  2. Ah … so a variety of grass. Well, that’s my sorghum interest expired … luckily I’d still be 99% likely to buy the book even if it didn’t feature grain.

  3. A goat! Heck, where do I preorder this SF (speculative farming) thrillride?

    If it doesn’t give away too much, is there any goat/sorghum interaction?

  4. IF you fed the goat sorghum and then gave it sugarcane would it produce molasses?

    or just darker goat s___t?

    Oh! wait…… a double dose of sorghum molasses

    just what the Dr. ordered for the religious left and right.

  5. Farmer: I keep telling you, I just grow sorghum here.
    Man: [voice over] Uh huh. And where are the hookers?
    Farmer: [points] ’round back. [realizes] Whoops.

  6. Having grown up just out side of Tipp City, dated a young woman from Casstown, and played Bradford in High School sports, I always get a kick out of your pictures of the area. It’s kind of cool knowing there’s a good SF author keeping watch over the old neighborhood! :-)

  7. You must be constantly using that camera, with all the shots you keep turning up. I think that second one in this post (the playset?) is probably the shot I liked most out of all that I’ve seen here yet.

    Granted, I’m hardly an art critic, and am still learning the world of photography myself, but it’s fun to watch your progression as you get more and more able to capture what you were looking for.

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