Daily Archives: May 22, 2006

We’re Ruled By Morons, Part the Infinite

Oh, for an Attorney General who can actually understand the Bill of Rights: The government has the legal authority to prosecute journalists for publishing classified information, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales said yesterday… Mr. Gonzales said that the administration promoted and respected the right of the press that is protected under the First Amendment. “But […]

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A Musical Dichotomy

Finally got a chance to catch the Eurovision performance of Finnish band Lordi’s “Hard Rock Hallelujah,” which won that particular musical contest, proving without a doubt — if there still was one — that This is Spinal Tap was not comedy, it was prophecy. To clean your brain, here’s Petra Haden’s lovely acapella version of […]

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Ghost Brigades Review in the San Antonio Express-News

And it’s a pretty good one: In Heinleinesque fashion, the book is loaded with scenes of comradeship, isolation, ruthlessness and the protocols, which govern the lives of active-duty soldiers. But this is where Scalzi, famous for his blog “The Whatever,” surpasses Heinlein. Scalzi weaves in subtle discussions of humanity’s growing fear of aging and our […]

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